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<Ash> if we can't solicit sex from undercover policemen (or policewomen or policeheshe)..<- GAY the terrorists have already won || in Texas we call it what it is, dirty underhanded fighting by cowards afraid to face us on the field of battle. SEND IN THE ROBOT PREDATOR DRONES! || LOL IRAN HAS ICBMS || yosemite sam 08 || zod2008.com

11 dead, 100 injured in kite flying festival in Pakistan

finally there are decent racks for home and office usage

Mutiny: They look like they cost $$$$$$$$$$$MAD BANK$$$$$$$$$$$$

Factoring as a red herring

coderman: "So you might ask why the NSA cares about factoring at all. I can only speculate, but here are three possible reasons: (1) they have a mandate to be at the leading edge of understanding all things cryptanalytic, regardless of practical application; (2) the possibility that messages encrypted today have been stored somewhere and will be decrypted in 5-10 years with some new advanced technology (QC); (3) they are concern
coderman: item (2) is a reality. the NSA archives all encrypted communications indefinitely.
seti: you use crypto? you obviously have something to hide and therefore are suspect. into the datavault your communications go!
coderman: "cutfix: (3) they are concerned that new non-factoring crypto algorithms will be developed."

Beer Launching Fridge

iTunes Signature Maker

Hi Iím an iPhone. And Iím a Smartphone.



Gold May Rise to $700 as Iranian Tensions Spur Demand for Haven

coderman: now if only i could get compensated in troy ounces...

Why Do Humans And Primates Get More Stress-related Diseases?

coderman: 'Typically, observant Mormons and other religious people are less likely to smoke and drink, he noted. "But once you control for that, religiosity in and of itself is good for your health in some ways, although less than some of its advocates would have you believe," Sapolsky said.'
coderman: '"It infuriates me, because I'm an atheist, so it makes me absolutely crazy, but it makes perfect sense. If you have come up with a system that not only tells you why things are but is capped off with certain knowledge that some thing or things respond preferentially to you, you're filling a whole lot of pieces there--gaining some predictability, attribution, social support and control over the scariest realms of our l
est: "Primates are super smart and organized just enough to devote their free time to being miserable to each other and stressing each other out."
est: that sounds like Kurt Vonnegut
coderman: hell is other apes!

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