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If you're going to SxSW, MSG Mutiny :: HEARING ON 'WARMING OF PLANET' CANCELED BECAUSE OF SNOWSTORM <= Proved! <= No shit that's why I posted it. :: <OOM Killah> I RULE EXISTENCE BY FIAT

Pain in my motherfuckin' ass!

coderman: "This year, daylight saving is starting early--a change that could cause Y2K-like headaches for IT professionals, and even for consumers."

Finnish bahhhd ahhhsssss GUNS and USB KEY SH1t

cryptomail: God this video has everything but the seks....
cryptomail: /me releases

NSA hiring data miners

coderman: "Position would be located at the client site outside of Ft. Meade, MD."
coderman: "The Algorithm Developer will work with massive amounts of inter-related data and develop and implement algorithms to search, sort and find patterns and hidden relationships in the data. The preferred candidate would be required to be able to work closely with Analysts to develop Rapid Operational Prototypes. The candidate would have the availability of existing algorithms as a model to begin. Implementation of the al
coderman: "The qualified candidate must possess a PhD in Mathematics or similar and 10 plus years experience in Algorithm development. Knowledge of data communications and Social Networking Analysis is a plus. A Top Secret/SCI clearance with Poly is required and the individual would be working on-site at Ft. Meade, MD."
coderman: what they don't tell you is just how many of these tools they are hiring... :)


cryptomail: Warning: OSMONDS BEHIND LYNQUE


coderman: "It may be a jewel of open source, but firefox is JUST A BROWSER. it shows webpages. what the hell is wrong with us?"

"My God, it's full of MAPCAR's"

coderman: "Honestly, we hacked most of it together with perl..."


AppleInsider: rumours of ultraportable subnotebook

seti: ORGASM!

Pelosi: Bush lacks power to invade Iran

Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison - accidental injury

^matthew: see also
bk: msnbc calls it a 'fall'
bk: s/fall/deep gouge from sharp, metal blade swung across the face/


How BT resold ADSL traffic actually gets to the intarweb


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