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If you're going to SxSW, MSG Mutiny :: are you one of 4-10% of paternity fraud victims? :: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! :: It's cheatin' season!

Dad wasn't dad after all, but still owes child support

coderman: pwned!
Mutiny: His court-ordered payments would total more than $200,000 over 15 years to support another man's child.
bk: He ws my dad too!
Mutiny: In effect, the high court is saying it's partly Parker's fault for trusting his wife.
Mutiny: The Florida Supreme Court says it all: you are a fucking fool for trusting your wife.
coderman: yes. i suspect DNA testing will become routine at birth.
Mutiny: Good to know the Florida Supreme Court is taking cases better suited for Maury Povich.
seti: <Ahnold> WHO IS YOUR DADDY AND WHAT DOES HE DO? </Ahnold>

Crazy hoarder lady's trash filled car causes wreck.

Mutiny: I bet she'd got like 20 cats, too.

PI describes how Valentine's Day kicks off "cheating season"

est: watch out: "Cunningham has paid hotel maids for bed linens to collect DNA evidence."
coderman: "Don't let your wife get breast implants because she's going to want to show them off." ... She estimates she has had 25 cases where wives were having affairs within six months of getting breast implants.
coderman: i heard someone else say this recently, that all of the girlsfriends she knew who got breast implants had affairs afterwards
coderman: lol
coderman: "In the 13 years she has been a private detective, she has had just one case in which the spouse wasn't cheating. Just one."
Mutiny: I'm surprised there is even one case.
coderman: i wonder how this stacks up with the stats that 7-10% of all children are not fathered by the husband / male SO expected to be the father.
Mutiny: what if you make your wife get implants?
coderman: doesn't matter. she'll want to show them off, and enjoy the new found affection from cute strangers
coderman: if she's vain enough to want breast augmentation, she's selfish enough to persue thrills with others using this new found attention.
coderman: there's one scenario i could see working, and that's if she has a masectomy, and is simply replacing the natural boobage she had previously. this doesn't seem to have the connations to vanity and superficial attraction like big fake knockers does.
coderman: connotations...

Wax the Hoff

Oliver: Urgggh


seti: background

James Randi and Project Alpha


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