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P. J. O'Rourke criticizes Wonkette's fiction book

Jon Swift: Knee Jerks

seti: WARNING: satire.


OverUnder: which is the BEST taxonomy? If these guys can't answer the question in no-time flat then I think they've failed .. times to give up guys.
OverUnder: what's the bet thay haven't even got a taxonomy for taxonomies yet.
OverUnder: the proof
OverUnder: more proof
OverUnder: so far they've managed to do 'biology' and they can't even agree on that
OverUnder: Dewey Decimal is pretty hopeless
OverUnder: dublin core is deadx0r
OverUnder: what kind of world is it where theories are more limited than things actually are in practice?!!
OverUnder: A? This kind of world (transcript)

Infrastructure for Engineered Emergence on Sensor/Actuator Networks

est: what could be hotter

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SuperHappyDevHouse 15 Feb 3rd


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