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happy fun stabs channel

more quantum computer pics


lemonodor: "In its current configuration, a single Global Hawk UAV requires 500Mbps bandwidth — which equates to 500 percent of the total bandwidth of the entire U.S. military used during the 1991 Gulf War."
Ash: holy shit

A wireless antenna at each row? No wonder cables are cheaper

Tonus: That's because due to the airplane's speed the bits tend to fly past the laptop before it can catch them.

Rising Metal Prices Prompt Ban On Melting and Export of US Coins

seti: (TimesSelect)
fridge: s/Rising Metal Prices Prompt/Falling value of the dollar due to huge increases in the money supply prompts/

Mary Gaitskill

coderman: "secretary" makes so much more sense with this backstory considered...

The CarbonNeutral Company


Amazing what one can do with MSPaint

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