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< pleung> tits on someone face, how that happen? || a ubiquitous but imperceptible phenomenon in the everyday world

Police in Tijuana issued slingshots

Photography consipracy -- how to do exposure metering using just your eyes

OverUnder: "If you download all or part of this document and post it directly to your site, it will be assumed that you have decided to purchase redistribution rights, which START at $3500." HAHAHA
OverUnder: nice way to break the monopoly, pal. thx.
OverUnder: i dunno .. is it larger than a breadbox?
OverUnder: how to do away with the nasty autofocus and viewfinder as well
OverUnder: the old fast lens fantasy 2nd-hand lens market conspiracy ;)

When moral values, honesty and integrity become too expensive


Google censorship of Uruknet

OverUnder: iraqi news site removed from google news indexing
OverUnder: to be honest, the articles seem to express a bit more opinion than "news" .. but google news does index editorials from mainstream press
OverUnder: this seems like a blog .. does google index blogs in the news section?
OverUnder: hmm seems they are indexed on a seperate section (now?) .. http://blogsearch.google.com/
OverUnder: maybe they should move some other "news" articles there too
OverUnder: <anonymous suggestion hound> they index fox news
OverUnder: we should write and ask why chump isn't being indexed



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