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trying hard not to be pretentious || <rik> somewhere in america, there's a gay bar called The Gag Reflex.

Market response to Apple's introduction of the iPhone


sniff that



Puke if this patent is granted

OverUnder: environment mapping: C 1974 - 1976
OverUnder: + XML ...
OverUnder: + encryption ...
OverUnder: oh plus the word 'themes'
OverUnder: someone told me NextStep 0.8 could do this behaviour already ...
OverUnder: kinda funny when the prior art is the same product you are trying to get the patent with!

one word: PWNT

OverUnder: PRWND


It's quite noyce actually


Sony Vaio TP1 media center box

Oliver: we've one of those in the kitchen, except it smells of stilton....

Microsoft exec called software developers 'pawns'

seti: p4wned, obviously
Ash: ...ten years ago

ScottEVest Fleece

rik: 12 pockets!
seti: cheaper when bought together with the Tactical 4.0, too


rik: 40 pockets!

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