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Armchair Neopolitans

Stupidest business idea evar!

coderman: "Start-up generates random numbers from space. Working with data from satellites and observatories, Yuzoz will use the solar wind, the clouds of Venus, the Northern Lights, Jupiter's shortwave emissions and other cosmic events to generate 200 choices per second. "We're branding randomness and using the power of space as a marketing tool.", "We spent two years on development, branding and patenting,"" - hahahahah
coderman: tell you what, for a nominal fee i'll sell you a hardware entropy appliance with > 100Mbps of verified, whitened entropy for $200!
coderman: it eats 12W of power, you get to keep it, and it doesn't suck asses, like this astronomical bullshit generator.

UID0 += 63 = "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytpXxAVT0IY"

We don't care how it's broken

FBI comes clean on Lennon files

Man arrested after police post video on YouTube

bk: A first?
seti: So far it's been more the other way around.


Zerodhero: Interesting way to fold a shirt


The Top Ten Stories You Missed in 2006


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