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take the pleung as it comes

Fox actually doing something useful

Debian Etch delayed because of Dunc-Tank? Apparently YES

coderman: but only because certain developers are behaving childish. LOLDONGS

Want to live longer? Toss back a few cocktails

coderman: vodka and whiskey shots count, right?
coderman: "According to the data, drinking a moderate amount of alcohol — up to four drinks per day in men and two drinks per day in women — reduces the risk of death from any cause by roughly 18 percent"

Sony exec: nobody will ever tap full power of PS3

Ash: <megatron> im in ur ps3 stealin ur energonz
coderman: coderman then appears to suck every last clock cycle from a PS3 array and says, "Phil Harrison IS A FUCKING RETARD"

Craigslist Meets the Capitalists

coderman: "Jim Buckmaster, the chief executive of Craigslist, caused lots of head-scratching Thursday as he tried to explain to a bunch of Wall Street types why his company is not interested in "monetizing" his ridiculously popular Web operation."
Ash: old news coderman hello
Ash: helllooooooooooooo
Ash: hellloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
coderman: "Appearing at the UBS global media conference in New York, Mr. Buckmaster took questions from the bemused audience, which apparently could not get its collective mind around the notion that Craigslist exists to help Web users find jobs, cars, apartments and dates - and not so much to make money."
coderman: "Wendy Davis of MediaPost describes the presentation as a "a culture clash of near-epic proportions." She recounts how UBS analyst Ben Schachter wanted to know how Craigslist plans to maximize revenue. It doesn't, Mr. Buckmaster replied (perhaps wondering how Mr. Schachter could possibly not already know this)."
coderman: "The Tech Trader Daily blog ponders this question: "If YouTube was worth $1.65 billion, who knows what Craigslist would be worth if Jim and [site founder] Craig Newmark ever considred becoming - what's the word? - capitalists.""
coderman: "Larry Dignan, writing on Between the Lines blog at ZDNet, called Mr. Buckmaster "delightfully communist," and described the audience as "confused capitalists wondering how a company can exist without the urge to maximize profits.""
coderman: duuuude, the urge! the urrrrrrge!

OPB - The Persuaders

Top Ten Google Searches

seti: Corresponding WaPo article

Incomplete list of 'lost productivity' figures -- $5.8 trillion dollars in total

bk: Incomplete list of 'lost productivity' figures -- $5.8 trillion dollars in total
bk: Richard Reid's Shoe bomber incident $9.5 billion
bk: That chump fuckup just cost my company $100 in lost productivity

an "Ideal Alarm Clock" design

the longest English words of one syllable


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