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Injured man wins damages for sex overdrive

anomie: LONDON (Reuters) - A devout Christian who said an accident at work boosted his libido and wrecked his marriage as he turned to prostitutes and pornography was awarded more than 3 million pounds ($5.89 million) in damages Tuesday.

Sources with a U.S. Delegation in Beijing have told The Hal Turner Show the Chinese government has informed visiting Bush Administration officials they intend to dump One TRILLION U.S. Dollars from China's Currency Reserves and convert those funds into Euros, gold and silver!

anomie: Distrust overuse of exclamation points.
seti: reasons are lies, for starters M3 is being published again, and China holds a paltry $149 trillion, vs $500 trillion held in total by a few Middle-Eastern states
seti: Sounds like an attempt to artificially influence prices of gold on the world market.

Google Moon

Next-gen Michelin car tire design

coderman: say goodbye to police spike strips
cryptomail: It will just be "doubly illegal" to go through the spike strip then!
coderman: totally! possessing these wheels while comitting a felony will add a second felony. like wearing body armor when it's time to say "let's do this thing"


anomie: Gilroy police Sgt. Kurt Svardal said Monday that the aircraft came pretty much straight down into a holding tank filled with raw sewage at a sewage treatment facility, adding that it was too dangerous for a dive team to go into the water and check for bodies or the tail number of the plane, which would indicate who owned it and where it was from.
anomie: Drowning in shit is usually a metaphor.
cryptomail: H82B the investigative / reconstruction crew on this one GACK


OverUnder: oh that's a month old

Forced to slave on ex-Premier Bjelke-Petersen's property in the 1940s, indiginous man quits Qld Labor Party after 40yrs calling current Premier Beattie "worse than Bjelke"

OverUnder: and "Australia's first indigenous police officer, Col Dillon, unleashed a scathing attack on the Beattie Government before announcing he had quit his job with the Department of Communities."

ZFS makes it to Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard")

Corrupt Queensland, Australia Premier complicit in Genocide

OverUnder: probably afraid of being killed by the dirty cops that run the state
OverUnder: now there are calls for a Federal Royal Commission
OverUnder: 'investigation' of Doomadgee's death: "Mates of the arresting officer, Chris Hurley, were appointed to handle it. He picked them up at the airport, took them to his home, cooked a meal for them and shared a beer or two. The next day the 'investigation' began. But contrary to standing rules, they did not declare it a 'homicide situation'. In fact, the original police statement to the pathologist conducting the autopsy on the bo
OverUnder: body of Doomadgee did not mention allegations of an assault."
OverUnder: A result considered untoward may undermine public confidence, and where the trial has been concealed from public view an unexpected outcome can cause a reaction that the system at best has failed and at worst has been corrupted.
OverUnder: source of the long quote above, mirrored here because The Australian is hiding stuff after a few days
OverUnder: Palm Island is the Australian equivalent of a Ghetto - it is a community created by White Folk shipping the Black Folk, from numerous regions, tribes and languages, off their land to an offshore colony where they were deprived of their culture and supposedly were to learn White Folk Kulcha, mostly so they could do the ironing 'properly' for some miserable slave runners who still won't admit that is what they were and pay the w
OverUnder: wages that they 'owe' on paper
OverUnder: Mr Beattie, we just about have your hood all starched up nice and good now, where would you like it?
OverUnder: more background info here

google circa 1960


Jailed ID thieves thwart cops with crypto

coderman: "When the gang's premises were raided by the members of the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), Kostap was handcuffed with his hands in front of his body. He managed to leap up and flick an electrical switch that wiped databases that could have contained records of the gang's activities stretching back more than 10 years, SOCA said."
coderman: "Kostap's action also triggered intricate layers of encryption on the gang's computer systems, which SOCA's experts were unable to crack, the court heard."
coderman: LOLDONGS
Oliber: I concurr
coderman: great execution, SOCA, you amatuer fucks

DATAHAVEN - The story of the HavenCo Frau^H^H^H^H Project


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