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vote zombie hitler in '08

Chicken of the VNC? BWUHAHAHA

cryptomail: I missed the memo on that judging by the projdate :D
Ash: um, this project has been around forever?

Caffeine, in powder form

Oliber: screw coffee

I go bbbzzzzZZZ bbbzzzzZZZ bbbzzzzZZZ and it's just because

OOo, novell, M$, Open Document Format => Open XML dilution strategy per se, vis-a-vie, coutre-monde a la-zie

OverUnder: vie ca vie
OverUnder: answers the question "what is a fork?": something which one person claims is a fork, and another vehemently denies is a fork.
OverUnder: "no, he's not vehement" you say. ah. ;)
Ash: microsoft r00|z
cryptomail: mmmmm FRANCO-FRIENDLY

Bishop incident was 'not mugging'

seti: surreal

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