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An Ode To Stroopwafels

best. classical music montage. evar.

The Next Gender Battle: Get That Laptop Out Of Bed

Dick Cheney's Google Searches

Oliber: 2007/01? we're in that future thing again? !
Oliber: Teh olibar says: unfunny, be gone!

How feminism destroyed real men

Oliber: Welcome back to the real world!


OverUnder: server # tock.usno.navy.mil

Self-Deception and the Riddle of Confabulation

est: Normal people, too, sometimes have a tendency to confabulate; rather than admitting "I don't know," some people will make up an answer or an explanation and express it with complete conviction.
OverUnder: you just made that up!


ReservedWords.pm -- is this for what I think it's for?

OverUnder: so to use it, do I split the input on whitespace and call is_reserved for each component? before feeding to SQL as a query?
OverUnder: the documentation is kinda .. vague about how it might be used .. example code would help
OverUnder: #perl at freenode is taken by troll.
OverUnder: being trolled by ops? == channel pwnd


99 Lisp Problems

r_ovar: If you're havin scheme problems I feel bad for ya, son. I've got 99 problems but the LISP ain't one.
r_ovar: Comments in Brazilian Portuguese

CHEEKY MONDAY - drum'n'bass @ Winston, every Monday


lemonodor: "everybody threw their hands in the air/bob's drunk with a gun and he just don't care/we on the floor he's on the table now firing shots/paris hilton's on the cell phone calling the cops"

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