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Security News with Steve Gibson! (yeah, the guy who thought raw WinXP sockets == teh suck!)

coderman: <gibson> i'm the security guy who doesn't know how to use pgp!

Paper tape finds little evidence (improbable.com)

Also quite good -- about rice

ABC.au Radio National -- The Night Air -- Racing

OverUnder: the best anything you will find, evar, about Australia


Mutiny: It's cool how the exposure is long enough you can see the arcs floating upwards from convection and being relit as the system cycles.

Six foreign nurses in Libya sentenced to death, yet innocent

seti: (via)

Dealing with fag hags

Mutiny: By Tony Phillips, via Vyuz San Diego
Mutiny: "The secrets of the fag hag."
Mutiny: "Fag hags are fucking confused. I?m not talking about the big fat ones who hang around with queers because they can?t get a boyfriend. I mean the hot ones with the wet panties who hang around grinding their pussies on some fag?s leg and getting him all worked up just so they can satisfy themselves with the obvious fact that they can get a guy who likes other guys to fuck them."

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