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I am not fully aware what these accusations are but i am fully and eagerly prepared to learn them.

NASA Space Shuttle Countdown Portal

seti: This is what the intarweb was invented for. vote for me and I'll move this website to http://./
seti: countdown action chart

Wired Test: Digital Cameras

seti: Winner: Pentax K100D

Flight Patterns

seti: youtube link

Verizon doesn't know dollars from cents

pretender: I cannot believe this


rik: That is DeathBoy (from the band DeathBoy), wearing a tshirt saying "I am not a terrorist", in Arabic.
rik: Aparently, this video is evidence that he shouldn't be the lyricist for his band anymore.


Generate a bunch of random dots. Make them move.

Ash: <est> gah


est: Speaking to defense and homeland security agencies, I point out how Hurricane Katrina exposed a deep flaw in our civilization’s resilience -- or robust ability to respond to emergencies. Nearly all members of the “protector caste” behaved terribly, during that crisis, not just FEMA. Almost by reflex, it appears that most agents of federal, state and local authority told common citizens the same thing;
est: “Do nothing on your own! Just sit there and wait for official help.” (Help that often did not come.)
est: In contrast, I have been pushing the advantages of flattened hierarchies and of “smart mob” self organizing citizenry, capable of taking some initiative in a crisis.


lemonodor: "My talk tonight is about the lack of collapse-preparedness here in the United States. I will compare it with the situation in the Soviet Union, prior to its collapse. The rhetorical device I am going to use is the "Collapse Gap" – to go along with the Nuclear Gap, and the Space Gap, and various other superpower gaps that were fashionable during the Cold War."
lemonodor: "I anticipate that some people will react rather badly to having their country compared to the USSR. I would like to assure you that the Soviet people would have reacted similarly, had the United States collapsed first. Feelings aside, here are two 20th century superpowers, who wanted more or less the same things – things like technological progress, economic growth, full employment, and world domination – but they
est: also good





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