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The terrorist surveillance program that bypassed FISA was likely due to lack of evidence rather than FISA slowness

seti: that, and political enemies of the administration were targeted. no other logical explanations exist
coderman: "It's not clear if what's being considered will be a total immunity provision or a change to substitute the government for the telecoms in all the 48 or so pending lawsuits against the telecoms. That change would give the government the ability to assert not only the state secrets privilege but also executive privilege and sovereign immunity, which would be almost impossible for any plaintiff to overcome in court."
seti: Sovereign immunity? I thought the US declared themselves independent at some point in, oh, 1776

Restaurant Shift Turns Into Nightmare

Mutiny: Dumb ass girl gets taken advantage of. Film at 11.
Mutiny: I don't know. If somebody tells you "the cops i'm talking to on the phone says you have to blow me or you'll be arrested" and you DO it.. well..
Ash: <Mutiny> the technique does work on 4 out of 10 women in practice though

Couple roleplays the political way



mlp: "welcome to Brussels, here's your calcium build-up remover"

Add to mlp's Amazon wish list

Bjarne Stroustrup "The Problem with Programming"

"Is Google too smart for its own good?"

lemonodor: "Armed with seven-figure bank accounts and professional networks of dozens of other equally brilliant and rich new friends, those frustrated Googlers are bound to set out on their own and ignite a son-of-Google wave of innovation."
est: Seeing that I was unimpressed by the observation, Kraus grew more insistent. "Ten days in a new job and you don't meet anyone who's dumb? That's weird," he said.

Nintendo Poo added to Nintendo Wii

Oliber: Wii, Poo and WC, they've done well

Interview with Robert M. Pirsig

1) Obtain assault rifle, 2) ???, 3) Profit!

Crisis at Crapple Computer

What code DOESN'T do in real life (that it does in the movies)

Mutiny: What websites DON'T work any more in real life (but did to the origional poster)

Animator vs. Animation II

fridge: Ad for avast


IRAQ: Merely a civil war, or out-and-out anarchy and failed state?

seti: Punch in your votes... now.
Mutiny: All of the above.

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win? (quiz)


seti: NSFW
seti: needs sound.

Blood on their hands


cryptomail: See also: http://www.reptilianrecords.com/reptilian/hatebeek.html

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