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APPLY DIRECTLY TO FOREHEAD||your job better be like sexual intercourse every day, otherwise forget it||astrolabia [tm]

In a culture where work can be a religion, burnout is its crisis of faith.

coderman: "happiness equals reality divided by expectations"


Est I'm tweeked out

bk: Help me understand.
Oliber: It's obvious, rotating doll, duh!
bk: it hurts my teeth


bk: From "We will cooperate fully..."
bk: We meant, no, and we want some more enemies back.

more tasteless classics


the OH FUCK category

coderman: GnuPG: remotely controllable function pointer [CVE-2006-6235]
coderman: "This is a remotely exploitable bug and affects any use of GnuPG where an attacker can control the data processed by GnuPG. It is not necessary limited to encrypted data, also signed data may be affected."
coderman: Versions affected: All versions of GnuPG < 1.4.6, All versions of GnuPG-2 < 2.0.2, All beta versions of GnuPG-2 (1.9.0 .. 1.9.95), Affected tools: gpg, gpgv, gpg2 and gpgv2, Affected platforms: All.

XMas decorations drop Wi-Fi signals

Oliber: No more xmas!

Happy Feet's environmental message

sekrit flashplayer 9 release

OverUnder: notes
NewSense: for those who dont value their freedom. dont use proprietary software. tell website developers to stop using flash!

WTF is this bs about 64bit apps not being able to load 32bit plugins.

OverUnder: solution: wrapper

Bring on the 70's

OverUnder: yes, the 70s are back, and they want your dad

Content Management Systems I Would Or Wouldn't Fuck

OverUnder: ... pretty fly for a white guy

GIMPShop @ plasticbugs

for justice!

OverUnder: bring me da huney, baybee

The Great Blumpkin Says....

BBC World Youth Survey

cryptomail: They're too busy skittling I think :) http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/12/05/BAG6CMPQ8N5.DTL
cryptomail: But seriously, in general, what youth really likes "war"
est: "The teenagers also took a favourable view of immigration, with 79% saying people should be able to live in whichever country they choose. Sixty-four percent said they would emigrate to secure a better future and 14% said they would risk their life to do so."
est: cryptomail: maybe not: "Asked if they "would consider taking action that could result in innocent people dying if they felt very strongly about a cause", 17% said they would. The figure was highest in Baghdad (34%), followed by Jakarta (31%) and London (25%)."
est: "[O]nly 14% of respondents thought US policy in Iraq and Afghanistan was making the world a safer place, while 71% said it was not."

man embezzles money from homeowners by inflating their loans and pocketing the diff

cryptomail: wonder who's footing the bill for his shannanigans?
cryptomail: The underwriters of course! YAY!
cryptomail: Hey banks....try and deal with better people K? And tighten that shit up, KTHXBYE

warning: may scare some viewers


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