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Bush administration to be cartoon

Quantum computer demo pushed back to Q1/2007

coderman: but no worries, all is well. just taking longer than expected... (gee, glad that never happens to me! cough)
Mutiny: read that as "we can't get it to work.."
coderman: Everything is working beautifully by the way. In the almost 8 years since we started D-Wave I’ve only celebrated once (last week), when the whole system was working beginning to end. Quite a good feeling to see such a complicated thing come together like that."


Mutiny: I'll paraphrase it for you: some bitch moaning and groaning.
Mutiny: Also, she apparently wants to be raped.
Oliber: Damn bitchiz, leave the rape to the hoes
coderman: heheh. reminds of that "taken in hand" site for women who like to be dominated/subjugated by their man.
coderman: really, is this news? your female genes have predisposed you toward alpha male attraction, a variant of the "wife/whore" dichotomy where "husband/fucker" is the metrosexual, doting nice guy is the husband, provider side, while the asshole dominating fucker is the one you want for jollies.
coderman: see also, cuckold
uid0: coderman dissects some bitch espousing her rape fantasies
coderman: what really squicks me out are the women who pursue this, intentionally putting themselves in dangerous situations where rape is likely
cryptomail: hmmmm I kinda see this......<prisondude>Yeah, I've got more solicitations for tail inside than out!
coderman: yeah, lots of history of women courting serial killers in prison and such...
coderman: and grouphug confessions another confirming indicator
coderman: "308918282 I have fantasies about being raped... or forced into group sex. I don't know why, I am a strong anti-rape feminist activist. I would never in a million years wish rape on myself or anyone else in reality. I'm messed up."

Long Horses RULE




lemonodor: they are all on drugs
lemonodor: soulwax e-talking
fridge: Why would you take zoloft at a party?

.au: Development of liquefied natural gas plant slated to destroy ancient cultural relics

Gen_Porpoise: "Aboriginal society [needs] to name all those archaeologists and universities who become complicit in such destruction. No Aboriginal persons should ever attend them as a place of learning."
Gen_Porpoise: "For the sake of profit they are destroying our iconic symbols that are older than the Pyramids of Egypt, older than the fabled city of Atlanta and whose religious and spiritual existence are thousands of years older than Christianity."
Gen_Porpoise: heh I didn't read the update: twenty thousand of you rallied and ... In a stunning backflip, both the Western Australian Government and Woodside have just dropped their opposition to heritage listing." YAY!


lemonodor: attempting to test a toyota hilux to destruction. part 2.


lemonodor: attempting to test a toyota hilux to destruction. part 1.

job listing for "Evil Compiler Engineer"

est: Qualifications include: -- Must be able to think on your feet and also while sleeping -- Awesome C/C++ coding skills with a strong bias towards action [ ??? ] -- Must have morbid curiosity in debugging, understanding and improving other people [ !!! ] and their code -- A healthy combination of passion and ambition -- If you already made your first million, contact us immediately :) [ ??? ]

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