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HEADBUTT THE WEAK||Today is a bank holiday||RESURRECT DEAD ON PLANET JUPITER||ia has teh gays||dogs piss on trees because they can sense the evil.||<rik> bloody students :)

Rumsfeld called for a "major adjusment" in Iraq policy 2 days before resigning

seti: great stuff and yet another nail in the coffin of the disastrous Bush administration

Toriton Plus: Water Surface as Music Controller

Beavis Audio Research: FuzzLab



seti: "Is God's penis so large that he requires both Hands to masturbate?"

Wii-related mayhem

fridge: "We were playing Wii and drinking at a friend's house whose parents were out of town. My friend wanted to play. She is a shitty drunk. Only after one drink. Swung the controller in home run derby... lost grip. Strap broke. TV cracked. Remote still works.... I'm impressed."

M3 Money supply recreated

est: sgoood


laney: hehe


Mutiny: Hypothesis: holes chewed by vagina dentata
laney: like a 9v battery. i'm serious.

Connoisseurs of Cunnilingus: What does it taste like to you?

laney: ewww uck let's talk about football
laney: Girls are dirty and icky. No girls allowed!
Mutiny: "Fried chicken, breaded by the gods themselves."

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