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HEADBUTT THE WEAK||Today is a bank holiday


lemonodor: "Are vermin eating my underwear? Mysterious holes are appearing in my dirty underwear where there are, ahem, juices."
lemonodor: also see: http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/52203
laney: Or (and this is seriously gross) are bugs/mice supplementing their protein intake? I consider the latter because we do have cockroach/bug/mice problems, and there appears to be direct correlation between the appearance of holes and whether the underwear is on the floor and how long it's been sitting there.
Mutiny: Better hypothesis: his noctural emissions are actually highly acidic.
lemonodor: Also note that it is a female.
lemonodor: "some raccoons broke into a house I used to live in and ate the crotches out of all my dirty underwear! I don't think they ate anything else in the house..."

Mysteries of computer from 65BC are solved

seti: Nov 30; good article nonetheless


Source code to the old "Forum 2000"

Mutiny: Solving your Vexing Moral Problems

12m PCI extension cable

maggotbrain: (company page is down) ...found one reseller
maggotbrain: cf riser cards
maggotbrain: kinda expensive, but 'correct' and uses cat5 cable

The Mass Media defames laney and mocks his plight

The system builds upon social networks and the trust embedded in those networks to evaluate sites using both informal and formal mechanisms

laney: Kinda WoT-y eventual Big CA replacement option
fridge: data mining companies will love it
coderman: ENOTUSABLE
coderman: seriously, implicit metrics++. i'm not fucking around with a kludgy toolbar for security evaulation of a peer/site
coderman: otherwise i really like the idea


maggotbrain: like mmv (or ren) and tee, this should be in every nx box
maggotbrain: but the site appears to be down right now
maggotbrain: would be nice if someone would just add bandwidth throttling to ssh
maggotbrain: usage: trickle -s -u 8 -t 0.4 sftp whom@where.com

Rome-Tel Aviv-Moscow-London Connection to Litvinenko's Murder

coderman: putin is a fucking thug
fridge: Here's another angle
coderman: Berezovsky also a fucking thug

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