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Britney's crotch shots take Web by storm

fridge: crotchety



hunterp: ssh-keygen really is INSANE

Vista vulnerable to malware from 2004

pretender: Vista vulnerable to running software
Oliber: Vista in being crap shocker!!
pretender: Blaming an OS for running malware is simply ridiculous, no matter how much you hate MS.
Oliber: Blaming Windows Defender for NOT actually detecting 2yr old sigs
pretender: Now that's something completely different, isn't it?

United Nuclear: Coffee Mugs

seti: I <3 scientists.

WaPo: FEMA Told to Resume Storm Aid


Zerodhero: CREATIVE WORK ENVIRONMENTS - Do you work in one?
Zerodhero: I don't think the world of the cubicle counts
Zerodhero: I want to work in a sweet office....


coderman: perforce is tolerable...


2006 Lotus Exige Safety

coderman: i wonder if the tesla ratings are similar
coderman: exige road report
coderman: and the lotus sport exige cup
coderman: lsec: 243 hp at 8,000 rpm and 174 lb-ft of torque at 7,000 rpm


Snap yo fingaz white boy remix


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