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space ghosts

seti: Space Cowboy

Suggest packages to support unknown file types

coderman: this would be useful

Spammers dodging OCR with .gif 'cut-and-paste'

coderman: man these fuckers are dedicated, aren't they?

Pumpkin simulator (cool, according to Fawn)

New male contraceptive Pill with no side effects

coderman: awesome!

Crazy Times (Martial Law Edition)

coderman: "I've mentioned before that we live in crazy times, that so many things which seemed politically impossible now seem at least possible, and that those of us who take freedom seriously have to worry about stuff we'd have laughed off a decade ago."

Google actively aiding intelligence agencies

coderman: gee, who didn't see this coming
seti: I note that the article's title has a question mark in the end (usually an indicator that the answer is negative).
coderman: i want to sell services where my privacy policy is backed by an architecture and implementation that enforces my privacy policy.
coderman: for example, services hosted as hidden services through tor, and storage of opaque user data that is encrypted by keys they manage
coderman: then i'll sell these services anywhere mandatory data retention is in place and make billions
coderman: hehehe. Q: "I forgot my password to my AES encrypted drive. What do i do?" A: "hahahah, you're so fucked."

Book review: The No Asshole Rule


rovar: I am chump's distended liver.

chump got rojo'd

seti: (waiting for them to expire the cached old IP address)

Reflections on Trusting Trust by Ken Thompson


Apple's Adventures Beyond the Ultrablob

DonFundoshi: what's worse than BLOBs? Crypted BLOBs! weeeeeeee!
TimLearysHead: score +1: insightful
TimLearysHead: remember kids, "Person Z is refusing to sell it to him". What is person Z's motive for that I wonder? Perhaps they want to engender a "subculture" of l33t hackerz for their OS because they are so lame they don't have one yet.
TimLearysHead: write your own OS, it's more leet ;)
TimLearysHead: (where your|own>collective your,own)
TimLearysHead: <apple> I want to see a negative before I provide you with a positive

Microsoft ICS DoS FAQ || "If ICS dies so does your firewall."

DonFundoshi: 1) Are you running Windows XP
DonFundoshi: 2) Are you sharing your internet connection?
DonFundoshi: If the answer is yes to both of those, then you are vulnerable.

Pentagon officially establishes "Ministry of Truth"

DonFundoshi: BBC takes the bait
DonFundoshi: US enemies 'manipulating the media': "keeps me up at night" -- Rumsfeld
DonFundoshi: profile of an 'insurgent' according to lame duck Cheney: "There isn't anything that's on the internet that's not accessible to them. They're on it all the time. They're very sophisticated users of it."
DonFundoshi: no Dick, those are called Democrats
DonFundoshi: /me waits
rovar: "President Bush has said recently that terror groups were trying to influence public opinion in the US, describing their efforts as the "war of ideas"" -- Mr Bush ruminating on the deplorable side effects of that "fancy mind learnin"

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