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Hard-knock New England city welcomes region's largest solar installation

laney: unfortunately, they forgot that there's no sun in new england

Screeners at Newark fail to find 'weapons' - agents get 20 of 22 'devices' past security staff

seti: Do you feel safer now?

Charlie Stross: The future is now, let's put it behind us

seti: science fiction author with the coolest vanity domain name, too.

"Blade Runner" Finally Gets Its Due

DonFundoshi thinks that talking to the chump robot is better than talking to himself.

DonFundoshi: well, is it?
Mutiny: Survey says: no, it isn't.

This thing about conspiracy vs incompetency -- so now you want me to believe my Boss got where he is through sheer incompetency?


cryptomail: With new and improved est heartbeat


est_: so sublimely cat


Mutiny: Kicking "Scared Straight" up a notch to "Butt-raped Straight"
Mutiny: Hey that's great. Atleast kids will know that they need to try a lot harder to stay out of prison. By murdering cops trying to arrest them and fleeing as quickly as possible.
Mutiny: lulz at the irony of "Potter's House." From Potter's House to Potter's Field.

Robber who shot himself is now dead!

cryptomail: Darwin candidate
Mutiny: I don't think simply shooting ones self qualifies for a darwin.
cryptomail: it was by accident tho!
Mutiny: Still, people accidentally shoot themselves all the time. It's not an amazing or even relatively interesting method of removing ones self from the gene pool.
Mutiny: Decapitating yourself with a chainsaw to win a bet, now THAT is worthy of an award.

What if it became widely accepted that religions are the biological equivalent of masturbation--"hacks" that we have learned to perform on our own bodies to achieve feelings of transcendence on demand?

seti: (A review of Daniel Dennett's new book Breaking the Spell)
est_: If religious partisans want to engage Dennett, they need to start talking specifics:"Why I have good reason to believe that God talks to me, but not to all those other people who insist that God tells them the exact opposite of what He tells me..."



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