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Comeon Bruce, chime in and save the kid!

Testosterone Tumbling in American Males

Spiders on drugs


correction: australian solar power station smaller than existing one in california

DonFundoshi: I guess they meant it's gonna be the largest photovoltaic / pv + concentrator generator

homosexual behaviour has been detected in 1,500 species


#Infoanarchy would like to apologize for DonFundoshi's terribly profuse, senseless ramblings.

Mutiny: Incoherency is rampant around here.

biofuels from crops suck

DonFundoshi: "General Motors was found by a US Senate sub-committee in 1949 to have bought and closed hundreds of electric tramlines across major US cities"
DonFundoshi: dissenting view re the biofuels-from-crops-suck idea: "There's 300 million litres a year of used vegetable oil being collected right now [within Australia alone]."
DonFundoshi: I think a lot of that oil is 'recycled' and used to fry chips.
DonFundoshi: can shit be made into biofuel? i bet it can.
DonFundoshi: "Australia's annual petrol and diesel needs are around 40 billion litres a year."

Mufti should apologise or clarify, says muslim woman's advocate

DonFundoshi: "But, following Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward's suggestion that the cleric be deported, Ms Hage-Ali said talk of such nature was ill informed and sensational."
DonFundoshi: if his comments denegrate women, do they not also denegrate men? are men cats? his comment is pretty dumb, and it seems fairly typical to me of any religion ... the outcry seems improportionate .. and his comments don't make HIM responsible for rapes, any more than lack of a hijab makes a woman responsible.
DonFundoshi: people who commit rape are responsible for rape, aka guns don't kill people, people kill people.
DonFundoshi: This is one of the first lessons of any genuine spiritual or psychological training, I think, that people are responsible for their own actions, when they are not under duress or influence of drugs, or otherwise mentally incapable
DonFundoshi: and if drugs are voluntarily taken, then who is responsible for taking the drugs? exemption denied.
DonFundoshi: people who tell you they will look after you while you are on drugs, lie. they take the drugs too, then you are all off the planet.

Latrobe Valley, Avalon, near Geelong, Hastings, on Westernport Bay, Wonthaggi and Portland have been earmarked for possible future nuclear sites.

DonFundoshi: "confidential part of a report to the Federal Government" .. too much of this is confidential. we don't want one, thankyou kindly for offering.
DonFundoshi: the "nuclear expert" exposes him/herself as a moron: on the one hand, "Dr Hardy, who heads the Pacific Nuclear Council, said coastal regions close to capital cities would be the best location for the plants, eliminating the need for cooling towers."
DonFundoshi: on the other hand "When coastal properties are threatened because of rising seawater levels, then people might want to invest in nuclear power.
DonFundoshi: the statements cancel out, leaving no appreciable content. NEXT.

"youths laughing and joking as they pressured a 17 year old girl into performing sex acts" allegedly real, not acting

DonFundoshi: AT least two of the dozen thugs who filmed themselves degrading and abusing a teenage girl are under investigation for rape.
DonFundoshi: "POLICE said they were prepared to charge anyone who bought or downloaded the DVD with possession of child pornography. .. The DVD has been selling for $5 a copy at least three Victorian schools."
DonFundoshi: on a side-note, the dickheads somehow linked their actions to some dickhead film star who is being pimped by the same newspaper that runs the stories linking him to the events ...
DonFundoshi: anyway, if they think this film star is reposonsible for their actions in anyway, does that mean we should treat him the way that the same newspaper is treating the mufti who had been tormented and misrepresented in the media just before the DVD story broke?
DonFundoshi: on an even mroe side note, if rape victims are not responsible for their victimisation (they aren't) how can the media say that a mufti is responsible for the rapes committed by others?
DonFundoshi: These werribee dickheads .. some/one of them from a christian school .. does this mean that it is christian patriarchical values that have contributed to the yob's actions?
DonFundoshi: should we pursue christian priests who read from the bible, since the bible contains numerous episodes of violent degredation of both men and women?
DonFundoshi: viz
DonFundoshi: in modern english
DonFundoshi: it's not like they hadn't been distributing the film themselves ...
DonFundoshi: blogger re the perps myspace sites
DonFundoshi: MySpace deletes postings about alleged DVD assault
DonFundoshi: someone gonna come up and say this is a free-speech issue?
DonFundoshi: idealism == moronism, there is no rule book .. rigid adherance to rules is a symptom of mental illness just as much as these kids alleged behaviour is .. they were chromers, many reportedly using speed and other drugs at time of the rape
DonFundoshi: "Invalid Friend ID. This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted."
DonFundoshi: but not this one
DonFundoshi: coincidentally, myspace is also pwnd by the same media conglomerate as the newspaper that preps the film star and publishes so many of our sensationalist stories here
DonFundoshi: local mayor said he's looking for the silver lining .. I guess news.com knows where to look for that.
DonFundoshi: join #infoanarchy@irc.oftc.net, boys, let us know a little bit bout youse selfs .. are you stripped down? make yourself comfortable ...
DonFundoshi: and that goes for you too, rupert, come on down buddy. we're big fans of news.corp
DonFundoshi: read your stuff all the time.
DonFundoshi: the undeleted myspace page now links proudly to this profile at encyclopediadramatica
DonFundoshi: which links to this footage from a current affaris show
DonFundoshi: moral: do not meet up with random people off the internet (by yourself!) and if you do .. by accident for example .. run the other way.
DonFundoshi: run the other way.
DonFundoshi: run the other way.
DonFundoshi: run the other way.
DonFundoshi: run the other way.
DonFundoshi: run the other way.
DonFundoshi: run the other way.

Lieberman channeling Nixon

seti: More about parallels between the two
seti: Tricky Joe

NSA Patent: Device for and method of detecting voice activity

DonFundoshi: looks like you can patent a logical analysis of any task now
DonFundoshi: I hereby patent the task of logically analysing a task
DonFundoshi: the invention consists of a technique of breaking a task into automatable component parts, which when accomplished, attain the target of the original task

Fake Boarding Pass Generator == you pissed off tha man!

coderman: "I came back today, to find the glass on the front door smashed. Inside, is a rather ransacked home, a search warrant taped to my kitchen table, a total absence of computers - and various other important things. I have no idea what time they actually performed the search, but the warrant was approved at 2AM. I'm sincerely glad I wasn't in bed when they raided the house. That would have been even more scary."
DonFundoshi: This is the point where the man fucked up: "Step 6. Present your real drivers license and modified boarding pass to the TSA checkpoint officers. Note that as they do not have access to a computer, they cannot check you against the no fly list, nor can they even verify that the name on the piece of paper matches the booking in the airline's reservation system."
DonFundoshi: If Sen. Markey wants to "not tolerate any new loopholes making it easier for terrorists to get into the front door of a plane", this is where to start, not with raiding the home of a blogger. What kind of security system is it when you can subvert it with a php script that does not even access a remote computer? That's called the NO SECURITY security system, fuckwit.
DonFundoshi: I smell a law-fucking-suit.
DonFundoshi: people of the United States vs "The United States Government" ...
DonFundoshi: reckless endangerment and deriliction of duty of care...
DonFundoshi: well .. there is no "secure system", so they should make it nice for people instead, but if they can't do either ... ???
DonFundoshi: sue them for being a fake government
DonFundoshi: being fake .. fake people have no rights .. and there is no defense
DonFundoshi: totalitarian wankerism
DonFundoshi: mr bush, you are hereby found guilty of being a frightening mutherfucker in command of a military force which implements a system of taxation

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