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i'm glad that our government is happy to drown people to possibly prevent terrorist attacks in the future.

Sesamstraat - Yip Yip telefoon

Apply directly to your forehead.

Tesco condemned for selling pole dancing toy

seti: would "destroy children's lives"
seti: ... if they saw their parents using such a device.
est: "Soon you'll be flaunting it to the world and earning a fortune in Peekaboo Dance Dollars"

Bush signs Mexico fence into law

kp: US President George W Bush has signed into law a plan for 700 miles (1,125km) of new fencing along the US-Mexico border, to curb illegal immigration.


Cake, sent from the IE team to the Firefox team.

MusicForMe cracks AllOfMp3's MusicForMasses DRM

seti: it's legal to download anything in the Netherlands.

Now who forgot to change presenter for this one....

halloooooweeeeeennnnnn mp3s



rovar: tock


seti: stating that there is a link between use of oil and amount of food consumed is of course completely obvious - lot of oil products are used in farming.

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