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DonFundoshi: Q: Can I take my own Kool-Aid on the flight?
DonFundoshi: A: No.. No, you may not. The Government will be serving its own brand of Kool-Aid when the time comes.
DonFundoshi: Q: What time? What 'time' exactly did you mean just now?
DonFundoshi: A: Uh.. did I mention a time? Got to fly folks, pleasant journeys!
DonFundoshi: Q: ???


The Dilbert Blog: Good News Day

coderman: that is fucking cool
Ash: did somebody say fucking

Object Linking and Embedding

they made a site about coderman's.. affliction

coderman: "Our website uses Macromedia © Flash software. You have an old version of Macromedia Flash Player that can't play the content we've created. Please download and install the latest version now. It will only take a moment."
coderman: my affliction is shitty closed codecs! (Ash == insight)

ISS EarthKAM Datasystem

The Unscented Kalman Filter

est: you are still pungent to me!

Best "worst attack ad" ever

seti: truly loathsome.

UK 360 on expedited extraditions to the US .. on-again on-again three-step for a three-legged race

DonFundoshi: <blair> strong are the ties that bind
DonFundoshi: "US authorities need to outline the alleged offence, and provide 'evidence or information that would justify the issue of a warrant for arrest in the UK'".
DonFundoshi: "However, Britain must provide the US with evidence of "probable cause", a stronger standard than 'reasonable suspicion', if it wishes to extradite someone. "
DonFundoshi: wish BBC would learn news style and put the key facts at top

BBC|Clashes as Hungary remembers 1956

DonFundoshi: "the moment the world accepted the post-war partition of Europe and the apparent permanence of what Winston Churchill had called 'the Iron Curtain'".
DonFundoshi: "Protesters have been present outside parliament for weeks."
DonFundoshi: "Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany has faced bitter opposition after admitting that he lied to win re-election." .. 20 tear-gas canisters fired

Schneier sells Counterpane Security to British Telecom

DonFundoshi: wtf? I thought he was Counterpane Security?
coderman: <schneier> didn't you read schneier facts? i'm gonna kick data retention in the fuckin' nutz! and then prove it doesn't exist with a shannon entropy measurement.

Pokey Pokey!

coderman: "For Pantscam, Alison stuffed a camera inside her pants and broadcast live pictures to the Internet, using Wi-Fi wireless connections on the Carnegie Mellon campus. Yet she never saw the site as sexually suggestive. "Pantscam is completely non-sexual, though people may infer sexual undertones, since the camera is in my pants," Alison said."

Ten More Things I Hate About Telcos

coderman: "There is little or no money in access (but let's spend $5-8K per new sub on FTTH, the carriers will just screw their stock holders later - bondholders please note);" - YEAH, BUT CONSUMERS GET FIBER! WEE!
seti: coderman drank the kool-aid and is now sucking at the teat of monopoly-controlled residential fiber services
seti: previous Top 10
coderman: yes. i apologize, but i am totally pwned by 30Mbps down and 8Mbps up
seti: your ratio on torrents must be awesome.
coderman: i "borrow" a little DWDM when i torrent! your leeching looks like TFTP from up here...
seti: (IMS = IP Multimedia System, a 3GPP thing)

SuperHappyDevHouse 13 -- Saturday, November 4th, 12pm-2am

est: Pool and hottub WILL BE HEATED!

Kennelly-Heaviside layer



coderman: A new kind of "Shaq Attack" - Police with deputy Shaquille O'Neal in crew raid the wrong house due to wrong IP address
coderman: "A.J. Nuckols, who said his family has filed formal complaints, wrote in a letter published in the Chatham Star-Tribune that the raid at his Gretna, Va., home "scared beyond description" him and his family."
coderman: "He described being "held at gunpoint, taunted and led into the house," and said the home was ransacked by a "paramilitary search-and-seizure team" that took computers, cameras, DVDs and VHS tapes."
coderman: jeez, meth raid style tactics on a child pr0n investigation? when do they NOT use SWAT to execute a warrant?
coderman: "It wasn't until later authorities realized they had been given the wrong IP address, which Internet service providers can use to identify users, leading them to the wrong physical address, Harmony said. It was the Internet company's mistake, he said." -- oops!

I hope the teens that did this are happy with their accomplishments :(

coderman: dude, it was hoisted up by the rope. and she untied it. while standing under the cart. wtf?!?! honorable darwin award mention sent...
DonFundoshi: presumably she hadn't looked up
DonFundoshi: she survived ..

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