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New Locally Decodable Codes and Private Information Retrieval Schemes

coderman: "It has often been conjectured that there are infinitely many Mersenne primes. Under this conjecture, our constructions yield three query locally decodable codes of length N=EXP(n^{1/log log n}) for infinitely many $n$."
coderman: "We give 3-server PIR schemes with communication complexity of O(n^{10^{-7}}) to access an n-bit database, compared to the previous best scheme with complexity O(n^{1/5.25}). Assuming again that there are infinitely many Mersenne primes, we get 3-server PIR schemes of communication complexity n^{O(1/log log n)} for infinitely many $n$."
coderman: "Previous families of LDCs and PIR schemes were based on the properties of low-degree multivariate polynomials over finite fields. Our constructions are completely different and are obtained by constructing a large number of vectors in a small dimensional vector space whose inner products are restricted to lie in an algebraically nice set."

(YouTube) Bollard vs. Truck

seti: also

23C3 (23rd Chaos Communication Congress, Berlin, end of December 2006) art designs

seti: Not sure Kallisti (Hail Eris!) goes well with Who do you trust? as theme
seti: then again, CCC = Discordians.

One for the ladies: How to date a geek guy?

hunterp: cute comment from a nigerian dating site that doesnt even exist

Fuck them. Seriously, fuck them. No water on planes? The time for revolution has arrived.

Oliver: "Why quantities are harmless? What exemption is made for small quantities?"
Oliver: Mmmm governmental pleung!
seti: Because you can't spit it in the eye of the flight attendant
seti: warn me when clothes are banned on flights. that may be entertaining again

Man convicted of child abuse exiled to Canada

bk: We don't want him...

Sean Smith in Iraq (GuardianFilms)


DonFundoshi: this guy Jones has been one of the right-wing (read tending homophobic -- I never listened to him much so I don't know if he's homophobic, but a lot of his audience I guess are) shock jocks here .. talkback radio
DonFundoshi: a very respectable and fair journalist did a biog of him, because the guy has extraordinary political influence here
DonFundoshi: he happened to portray the guys sexuality, briefly apparently
DonFundoshi: predictable consequences
DonFundoshi: does the media work like people work? how would people work in the absence of sensationalist media? do you even know?
DonFundoshi: have you ever even been immersed in a supportive society .. one larger than your own immediate family, i mean?
DonFundoshi: o/` babylon system is the vampyre o/`
DonFundoshi: much of australia is (or professes to be) extraordinarily homophobic, for anyone who is not from here ... where i grew up, you could probably die from it, if you were found out .. similar to where Jones grew up
DonFundoshi: and i don't mean probably like maybe, i mean probably like predictably, unless you took some kind of measures
DonFundoshi: the police were known to help out with the beatings, when they had the opportunity
DonFundoshi: the point is, the (commercial) media is not about people, the media is about $$$ => "mindshare" => lowest common denominator => telling the masses to conform, because its more efficient to make one big ad, than a million small ones
DonFundoshi: if you still don't get it, you're probably missing the point of "infoanarchy"
DonFundoshi: anarchy: from Gk. anarkhia "lack of a leader," noun of state from anarkhos "rulerless," from an- "without" + arkhos "leader."
DonFundoshi: shit, in Queensland, if you could even spell properly, you were in danger.
DonFundoshi: and that wasn't because of the anarchy, or the media
DonFundoshi: on the other hand, wearing an "aqua Lacoste sweater" is committing a gross public outrage
DonFundoshi: to cut to the chase, the end of SMH's coverage is not bad
DonFundoshi: took a bit to get the book published
DonFundoshi: "substantial sums of money not to publish"
DonFundoshi: "If you'd been doing an unauthorised biography of any other public figure, do you think you would've come under so much pressure?" CHRIS MASTERS: "No, I don't, and that's interesting. I mean, I think if you wrote a book about the Prime Minister or business leaders, there wouldn't be this amount of pressure. It says a lot about the power of owning the stage."

The Revolution Corporation. (Public, NASDAQ:REVO)

Icon Of Revolution And Liberation

Geronimo: yeah! for Irak! yeah!
Geronimo: Viva la revolucion!

Wikipedia's $100 Million Dream

DonFundoshi: vote up star wars
DonFundoshi: or the kid gets it
DonFundoshi: eheh
DonFundoshi: ""purchase" a few key senators and representatives to fix some of that legislation Disney&Co have pushed through over the years....."
DonFundoshi: the above comment is correct. Giving $$$$$ money for crap old copyright works that should be pd anyway is just reinforcing this stupid game. use the money for lobbying and persuading to match the lobbying and persuading that goes on on the other side. Except better, and more wisely spent. Or give it to people to write NEW stuff, under a free license. Don't reward crappery.
DonFundoshi: or choose artists who got majorly ripped off .. and make sure that its agreed that for $$ you spend to the 'owner', the original ripped-off artist gets $$$
DonFundoshi: or .. alternatively, spend it all on FUNK and reggae, we'll funk up the world until everyone agrees to end copyright and legalise dope
DonFundoshi: wikipartya
DonFundoshi: insightful
DonFundoshi: fuckit just buy the whole govt, decide what to do with it later

Mom spanked me straight

What do people mean when they say something is secure?

DonFundoshi: "Pareto Efficiency" pretty sure this is the next big alt.energy fad
DonFundoshi: "A change that can make at least one individual better off, without making any other individual worse off is called a Pareto improvement: an allocation of resources is Pareto efficient when no further Pareto improvements can be made."
DonFundoshi: oh. I thought that was called 'up shit creek'


laney: Teh sxy!
Mutiny: Holy shit this photostream is filled with fucking horrible looking people.
laney: Super Sexy 2000!

Difference Engine No. 1

coderman: my first computar! i used to post on compuserve with it!
DonFundoshi: proof of concept

Warning Signs of Great Justice

Former delegate gets purported Diebold code

coderman: "Diebold Election Systems Inc. expressed alarm and state election officials contacted the FBI yesterday after a former legislator received an anonymous package containing what appears to be the computer code that ran Maryland's polls in 2004." - OH SHIT YES
DonFundoshi: I read "Former delegate gets ported Diebold code"

someone find out what it costs for your own imax

coderman: the jumbo-tron at best buy is $200,000 with six week delay. but i want I-MAX stylez

How to Catch a MySpace Creep

DonFundoshi: aka "Study Finds Only 1 of 600,000 Sex Offenders Trolling MySpace for Victims"
DonFundoshi: another responder comment: "The statistcal odds of finding MULTIPLE sexual predators among a population of 120 million is probably on the order of 100%. Simply drawing a random sample of MySpace users and then tracking their online behavior would be more likely to find predators than your methodology. So if anything, your study confirms what we already know from studies of sexual offender recidivism. They are LESS likely to commit n
DonFundoshi: new sexual offenses than anyone wants to admit."
DonFundoshi: "You found one perpetrator. Now go draw a RANDOM sample of 700 users and see what they are up to."
DonFundoshi: of course, the media couldn't give much of a shit for the truth, when there is plenty of sensationalist urban myth to go 'round
DonFundoshi: 1/700 = 0.0014
DonFundoshi: 580,000 / 300,000,000 = 0.0019
DonFundoshi: "forgingahead" is correct, the number of perps in the registered perp population identified as active in the study is below the average perp density in the US, and both figures are astonishingly small
DonFundoshi: compared with the media portrayal of myspace as a place where ones children are almost guaranteed to be eaten by a grue
DonFundoshi: so .. next figure out how many victims a theoretical perp can bait, and their success rate .. and put a figure on the actual risk
DonFundoshi: then compare with .. being eaten by a shark, or dying of bee-sting
DonFundoshi: or, the greatest danger I suspect, being run over by a car
DonFundoshi: or perhaps, being murdered in a bizaar double suicide/murder brought on by economic desperation, marital anguish, depression and drug/alcohol abuse, and fed by violent entertainment industry fantasies
DonFundoshi: i'm not gonna get the numbers for you .. i dunno which ones are greater or smaller ...
DonFundoshi: just stuff worth considering .. it's like the two-headed goat from dead-end country X that we know nothing about except they have a two-headed goat there .. media shows a very one dimensional picture of some things
DonFundoshi: person Y, who we know nothing about, except that they [perpetrated/were victim of] crime Z ... news at 11
DonFundoshi: people payed more attention to the real world they are involved in, there would be less far out monsters from myspace eating children alive
DonFundoshi: o/` another public service message from way out .. . we care about .. your world o/`



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