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"I paid a worker at New York's zoo to re-open it just for me and Robin. When we got to the gorilla cage there was 1 big silverback gorilla there just bullying all the other gorillas. They were so powerful but their eyes were like an innocent infant. I offered the attendant $10,000 to open the cage and let smash that silverback's snotbox! He declined." -- Mike Tyson

Fire strikes Army counter-espionage unit

Ash: sounds like somebody needed to destroy some documents
seti: ...by setting the roof on fire.


nym: see http://redhanded.hobix.com/cult/whoNicDOffWithTheYummyJunkDomains.html to resolve

L.A. Boy Scouts new merit patch: 'Respect Copyrights'

coderman: what the fuck?!?!?
laney: Where is the Foley love when you need it to protect these young innocents?

Robot Chicken sketch - If George W. Bush was a Jedi

Warsaw 2002: In Pozna? a landing assistance system for use during limited visibility conditions was installed.

DonFundoshi: yay!
bk: ILS
DonFundoshi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instrument_Landing_System
DonFundoshi: "In controlled airspace, air traffic control (ATC) separates IFR aircraft from obstacles and other IFR aircraft by applying separations based on time, distance, and altitude differences between aircraft, by relying either on radar or reports of aircraft positions traditionally sent as voice radio transmissions, but increasingly as electronic data exchanges." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instrument_flight_rules

Warship built out of Twin Towers wreckage

DonFundoshi: (
DonFundoshi: "assault ships capable of landing a 700-strong Marines assault force on a coastline almost anywhere without the need for a port."
DonFundoshi: "[Northrop Grumman DoO] pointed out that LPD vessels had been used as much for humanitarian assistance as for war. One such ship, USS Boxer, was dispatched to help to deal with the aftermath of Katrina."
DonFundoshi: well, so it's 1/2 useful

Flight 93

not the only 2 problems with the [ACARS] database on Sept 10th and 11th [2001]

DonFundoshi: I personally emailed these fuckers and asked why the flight logs for the two flights were incomplete .. they said it was because everyone was so emo .. I lost the email and my saves of the public records I think .. and I think they are not online now
DonFundoshi: emo wasn't the word they used .. I think they said 'sensitive nature of the events in question', which is PR for 'national security reasons' which is PR for 'we are lying to you [expletive] and you know it but we couldn't give a [expletive] because there is nothing you or anyone can do so nyer'
DonFundoshi: of course, I may be reading into their words .. but that's the impression I came away with
DonFundoshi: perhaps the logs completely agreed with the public story, but were deleted in order to create exactly this type of confusion .. in the name of national security
DonFundoshi: what they actually said was that the airlines provide the flight departure time data eg at the end of the day, and because of the tragedy, nobody called the airline to chase up the missing data for the two American Airlines flights ...
DonFundoshi: which may or may not be a suitable explanation for the url linked at the start of this item
DonFundoshi: wish I could find the url for the database query, cause I'm 99% sure this is a completely different inconsistency ... "plane in two places at once"
DonFundoshi: is this possible: someone(s) used ACARS and/or other signalling systems to subvert the ATC and landing guidance systems to make the planes go off course, then crash. This is why the targets were proximate to helipad beacons -- the rest being a government coverup -- not like don't have practice at that.
DonFundoshi: seems ACARS has no authentication system etc .. it was designed in the 70s, and now 'secure' ACARS schemes are still on the drawing board
DonFundoshi: even if the transmissions to the plane could not be subverted, it would be enough to subvert the data being received by ATC .. because if they could be fooled into thinking the plane was where it wasn't, they would send instructions that were correspondingly incorrect
DonFundoshi: this would be especially effective if the ACARS was being used as the primary source of info, for example if the plane had been 'lost' from the primary radar, or if there were a lot of planes on primary radar (not that I'm an air traffic controller...)
DonFundoshi: erm .. the Secure ACARS draft is dated Oct 2001 .. coincidence?
DonFundoshi: I think somebody has looked into this possiblity already, and I don't recall hearing too much about it. Do you?
DonFundoshi: "With the increase in automation, airlines, military, and civil aviation organizations are relying on ACARS for air traffic and operational control. The proposed Secure ACARS solutions will satisfy customer needs, improve the safety and reliability of the ACARS system"
DonFundoshi: from the risks notice: "If the pilot then takes the computer home and allows his family to play with it, the size of the set of potential interceptors grows substantially." does it run win2k? ohh...
DonFundoshi: "The ACARS data link, since it is cleartext, is subject to bogus messages transmitted in either direction."
DonFundoshi: someone tells me using ACARS that way is not really feasible ..
DonFundoshi: (in terms of misdirecting the plane)
DonFundoshi: the trouble with relying on inherently inauditable systems is you don't even know after the breach wtf went wrong.
DonFundoshi: since you don't know the authenticity of the data you think you do have
DonFundoshi: <anon> Jam GPS, hijack the local freq's and cause mid-airs...
DonFundoshi: <another anon> brazilian crash was due to aircrafts flying at the same altitude and apparently mistakes by both the pilots and the tower of control

Call United Airlines--Tell them it's Flight 175, Boston to LA.

Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) / Power Line Communications (PLC) looks set to fuck up a whole gamut of RF Comms

DonFundoshi: ie, adds 10dB noise to VLF, LF, MF, HF, lower VHF...
DonFundoshi: sounds to me like the internet is a series of tubes that people's communications can be funneled through, via the NSA, replacing the previous ability we had to communicate 'unmetered' (like on a truck)
seti: it sucks, bad throughput. don't fall for it

Using your PC TV tuner as a VHF/UHF radio "scanner"

DonFundoshi: "The standard kernel driver, however, is not suitable for tuning into anything other than TV, because it has a limited set of tuner frequencies which it looks for at the detection stage. However, I have produced a modified kernel driver which will let you tune to arbitrary frequencies."
DonFundoshi: for SAA7134-based cards


DonFundoshi: original copy offline probably since at least August 2005, date mentioned here

Prostitution suxz

DonFundoshi: this is basically why inequalities of wealth sux
DonFundoshi: wealth/power
DonFundoshi: $wealth/political power .. there will always be inequity of resource distribution .. but the purpose of the State, if there is one, is to equalise $wealth/political power so that one individual or group does not have the means to degrade another



nym: | fucke.d up domains
nym: _.d, ^.d, !.d
DonFundoshi: "If you are thief, set your DNS to nic.d.hobix.com and cross over to the bad side forever."
DonFundoshi: http://hobix.com/

Bazaar - GPL Distributed Version Control Software

coderman: bitches be dissin' on mercurial due to out of date or misleading understanding...
rovar: <mercurial> check yosef, bitches. 'fore we perpetrate a rollback on yo ass.


lemonodor: hobbyist overlays virtual radar display over google earth, plus real-time weather.
lemonodor: also see live update of local air traffic in google earth: http://www.kineticavionics.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?t=447&highlight=google+earth


lemonodor: "The SBS-1 allows you to track ADS-B aircraft on the radar screen and identifies and displays Mode-S equipped aircraft."
lemonodor: "virtual" (transponder) radar with USB interface. Approx. $1000.
lemonodor: (can even be powered through USB-only)

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