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<rabbi> assholes, all of us. :: hey, i had mine surgically removed!

Nallatech FPGA/Analog IO Series

coderman: the virtex 4 quad == 4x12-bit 250MSPS ADC channels

Xilinx XtremeDSP Development Kit

coderman: for that SDR fetish / afficionado

n3td3v == GOBBLES? OH GOD NO!!!!!!

Silver Peak climbs to new record

coderman: $131,000 for a hardware NAS? geeeeeezus
coderman: i think i need to up the price for the janus encrypted network storage systems. let's see, $20,000 would be a steal at these rates for max 80GB/sec capacity AES-256 CBC, and that leaves us a nice 2,500% profit margin

A new stream cipher: DICING

coderman: "... a new synchronous stream cipher named DICING, which can be taken as a clock-controlled one but with a new mechanism of altering steps. With the simple construction, DICING has satisfactory performance, faster than AES about two times. For the security, there have not been found weakness for the known attacks, the key sizes can be 128bits and 256bits respectively."

How To Fly Without ID


rik: glowing hair gel. for halloween. and for ebm kiddies.

uid0's new gun


uid0: fuck off chump

FreeBSD Project Status Report - Fourth Quarter of 2006

seti: the next mail in the thread is an update that they meant third quarter.
DonFundoshi: three sir, three. moooo. bloody hell, what was that?

30k pa for a copy and paste munkie for the queen!

Niall Ferguson on 20th century war

Botherders get 1/4 of a clue

DonFundoshi: oh well, we're fucked now. Anyone have a job for an ex-windows sysadmin?

HP Suckx

US annexes 'space'

DonFundoshi: talk about fighting a battle on two fronts .. this is getting a little ridiculous

DonFundoshi stalks the dalai lama

Flash9 for linux

uid0: i love ash

Iran Govt. sux

IE7 Sux

Visa sux

uid0: slashdot sux

PIG bass/vox tomorrow or somethin


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