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Warning Signs from the Future

Mutiny: Including "Nonstandard Spacetime", "Autonomous Device" and "Nanoparticle Hazard"

Idaho Killer Holds Key to Laptop Mystery

coderman: "As the man accused of kidnapping two children and killing their family waits in a jail cell for a federal indictment to be handed down, he still holds what could be a bargaining chip: An encrypted laptop that may contain more horrors."
coderman: "The FBI's top hackers apparently have been unable to break through Joseph Edward Duncan III's security encryptions, and a plea bargain Duncan's lawyers struck Monday with state prosecutors says the key must only be shared with his defense lawyer."
coderman: ""I am working on an encrypted journal that is hundreds of times more frank than this blog could ever be (that's why I keep it encrypted)," Duncan wrote on his Web log three days before the May 16, 2005, murders near Coeur d'Alene."
coderman: clearly encryption must be illegal
coderman: at least they don't need the evidence on the laptop to imprison/execute this fucker

Olbermann addresses the Military Commissions Act in a special comment

coderman: "the beginning of the end of America"
coderman: i think this is like that game of guessing the end of the world...
coderman: kekeke

Love my Lap Slut


BitLocker cryptographic algorithm published

coderman: aka, the thing that does disk encryption in Vista
coderman: it is good, albeit a little slow compared to hardware implementations
coderman: uses the TPM chip, which will lead to problems. but the design is solid.
coderman: the AES-CBC with diffuser should prevent various common attacks against sloppy disk crypto impls

FBI head calls for data retention rules

Ash: FBI head lolololol

NMCI (Navy-Marine Corps Intranet): In a ClASS By Itself

Sun Blackbox and Force10

seti: See also

A niqab for a day

Stingray Leaps into boat, stabs man in chest

Oliver: Tey're after us all!

Unrealistic, but good and funny


DonFundoshi: nice intro: "There is very little that sums up the record of the U.S. Congress in the Bush years better than a half-mad boy-addict put in charge of a federal commission on child exploitation."
DonFundoshi: The CC:
DonFundoshi: "Despite an international uproar over Abu Ghraib, Congress spent only twelve hours on hearings on the issue. During the Clinton administration, by contrast, the Republican Congress spent 140 hours investigating the president's alleged misuse of his Christmas-card greeting list."
DonFundoshi: "fifty-eight grand -- was for a single favor. The energy bill was loaded with them. Between 2001 and the passage of the bill, energy companies donated $115 million to federal politicians, with seventy-five percent of the money going to Republicans. When the bill finally passed, it contained $6 billion in subsidies for the oil industry, much of which was funneled through a company with ties to Majority Leader Tom DeLay."
DonFundoshi: (Please leave your donation as you enter.)
DonFundoshi: (or you may find yourself escorted from the premises)
DonFundoshi: "billions more in loan guarantees to enable the coal and nuclear industries to borrow money at bargain-basement interest rates"
DonFundoshi: "When Bill Clinton left office, the nation had a budget surplus of $236 billion. Today, thanks to Congress, the budget is $296 billion in the hole. This year, more than sixty-five percent of all the money borrowed in the entire world will be borrowed by America"
DonFundoshi: "military's financial-management systems [do] not comply with 'generally accepted accounting principles'" .. I guess that even includes Enron's tactics? ... they seemed to be 'generally accepted'...
DonFundoshi: "And nobody did anything about it."
DonFundoshi: "So not only does Congress not care what intelligence was used to get into the war, what the plan was supposed to be once we got there, what goes on in military prisons in Iraq and elsewhere, how military contracts are being given away and to whom -- it doesn't even give a shit what happens to the half-trillion bucks it throws at the military every year."
DonFundoshi: see if you can touch your toes .. I heard its more comfortable that way
DonFundoshi: "'corruption reform' in this Congress: forcing lawmakers to put their names on a tiny fraction of all earmarks. For a couple of days."
DonFundoshi: the best stuff is at the end
DonFundoshi: ROFL! "Even a Fox News poll found that fifty-three percent of voters say Congress isn't 'working on issues important to most Americans.'" oh :( boo-hoo
DonFundoshi: oh, and there's a punchline! :) HAHAHA RTFA

"One example: for less than half the amount spent for he Iraq war, one could provide clean water, adequate diets, sanitation services and basic education to every person on this planet."

DonFundoshi: http://www.warresisters.org/piechart.htm
DonFundoshi: http://www.warresisters.org/piechart.htm
DonFundoshi: data source: CIA
DonFundoshi: the pie chart I bet ignores kickback schemes like the monsanto/colombia cocain spraying schmozzle
DonFundoshi: source: the heritage foundation
DonFundoshi: remember, when something takes up half your budget, even a modest percentage-increase equates to a very very very astonishingly astronomically vast dollar-increase
DonFundoshi: and, um, 38% cleartext increase is not particularly modest
DonFundoshi: plus 26% on the veterans, which is also military, isn't it?
DonFundoshi: but they get fuckall of the overall pie .. that comes out to only 3% of the overall lump, see?
DonFundoshi: see how that works?
DonFundoshi: see how a MASSIVE 130% increase in "unemployment compensation" spending, is actually only 9% of the total increase .. ?
DonFundoshi: the problem here I guess is that .. well there isn't enough increase in education .. so not enough people who vote can actually understand something this simple.
DonFundoshi: see how that works?
DonFundoshi: you're taking damage here, US. get the fuck out of the green slime.
DonFundoshi: "if we bappin' em back we automatically stack". No. Not if you're standing in the green acid.

(Sticky) Bend over oh Emporer, it's time to pay the rent

DonFundoshi: amazon.uk reader reviews
DonFundoshi: "One example: for less than half the amount spent for he Iraq war, one could provide clean water, adequate diets, sanitation services and basic education to every person on this planet."
DonFundoshi: The guy is talking about stuff like this: The IMF Con
DonFundoshi: from the point of view of an active negotiator at the hard edge of the non-violent portion of the strategy .. and he describes that the next phase if he fails is secret intel disruption, and then military force
DonFundoshi: an interview
DonFundoshi: oil currency war
DonFundoshi: oh yes this one is better, re why iran is the next one being harrassed
DonFundoshi: and another Book says CIA tried to provoke Saddam to war
DonFundoshi: but instead they did this
DonFundoshi: and so on .. the guy is not just talking about these things, but oil stands out because of the environmental cost .. he discusses the tragic effects in the amazon
DonFundoshi: amazonwatch.org
DonFundoshi: environmental, and cultural
DonFundoshi: neoliberalism's effect on the Brazilian economy
DonFundoshi: monsanto in colombia
DonFundoshi: "Even as the Bush administration is trying to increase the aerial spraying of drug crops in Colombia with herbicides, an American law enacted in January threatens to disrupt the strategy and possibly even halt it."
DonFundoshi: U.S. drug control policy director .. said repeatedly that [Monsanto's] herbicide, Roundup is harmless to humans and animals .. 'totally safe'... However, in the [US] .. warning labels advising users to 'not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other persons, either directly or through drift.' [US EPA]: 'could cause vomiting, swelling of the lungs,
DonFundoshi: pneumonia, mental confusion and tissue damage'."
DonFundoshi: $1 billion of U.S. military and social development "aid"
DonFundoshi: how much cocain would be produced if that money went to the crop substitution programs, instead of to Monsanto?
DonFundoshi: <anon> as much as people need? <DonFundoshi> which is different in what way to the situation now?
DonFundoshi: <anon> it's the same <DonFundoshi> no, the cocain production may be the same, the rest is different
DonFundoshi: significantly, the money going to the military hardware and aviation programs and monsanto doesn't reach those parties
DonFundoshi: and the money does reach the farmers who are instead, now, being targeted with chemical warfare
DonFundoshi: a situation that has got to be producing some 'blowback' ... but then, I forgot, the americans do not understand why anyone could hate them
DonFundoshi: of course, if the US became unsuited for the task of corporatocrate enforcement agency, those elite would move the operation to wherever is more suited
DonFundoshi: its not about countries, countries is a tool for partitioning the people, and deluding them to believe they have representatives who speak effectivewly in their interest
DonFundoshi: anon asked, anon should make an attempt to understand, or anon will be bound to ask again
DonFundoshi: there are plenty of sites, plenty of books, plenty of videos and radio programs, and more than anything, plenty of people who can help you understand
DonFundoshi: but you cannot understand what you dismiss out of hand
DonFundoshi: this is drifting from the point, you asked what the book was about, these are pointers, not the literal content
DonFundoshi: arguing about merits of individual points i've linked to is dumb, because those are not the literal points in the book, and i can't vouch for any of these individual points. I'm trying to show you where you can start to research this for yourself, since you profess an astounding degree of ignorance.
DonFundoshi: and what is being discussed is a subversive system of global proportions, i'm hardly going to be able to give you a handful of links that 100% encompasses the subject in an irrefutable way, addressing your personal educative needs in under half an hour.




NJOI laney

A Ram's cheerleader with a Dolphin's Tatoo - Scandalous!

morse code as a homemade arithmetic coding (tree)

est: we need to columnize some of those empty circles


est: wikipedia claims: "The pseudo-Greek word klystron comes from the stem form ɻɊɳɭ- (klys) of a Greek verb referring to the action of waves breaking against a shore, and the end of the word electron."
est: ..but i can't find this word

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