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kill yourself for halloween

America wants it all - life, the Universe and everything

coderman: and we're not afraid to club a baby seal to get it!
coderman: the US asserts the right to deny access to space to anyone "hostile to US interests"

Kylstron waveguides of great justice!


bk: A little slide down that slippery slope...


hunterp: Some guy tracks down his ebay scam artist and gets his money back

Small Number of Video iPods Shipped With Windows Virus

Austrian man accidentally nails testicles to roof.

Iceland resumes commercial whaling

DonFundoshi: "30 minke whales and nine fin whales between now and the end of August next year, flouting international bans"
DonFundoshi: perhaps they are trying to balance the Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean
DonFundoshi: wow .. "Norway has authorised whalers to hunt 1,052 minke whales in the 2006 season" and has been hunting since 1993 .. we only ever seem to hear about the Japanese down here in .au ...

BBC Now mouthpiece for US president. What's the law he signed *really* like?

DonFundoshi: "it is not clear which interrogation techniques can still be used"
DonFundoshi: the Beeb admits, in the second-last par, at the bottom of an article which starts off with a glowing half page of unquestionining obedience
DonFundoshi: related: No walking away from Iraq - Blair
DonFundoshi: the glowing half page of unquestionining obedience seems to have widely become the norm, of late ...

Mate (beverage)

<FDA> Send in the clones

DonFundoshi: "food from cloned animals is as safe as the food we eat every day". Feel safe, Dolly?
DonFundoshi: <ViaGen President Mark Walton> You really can't tell them apart.
DonFundoshi: would be intersting to compare the attitude of eg Prez Bush on this, vs stem cell research, given "more than 60 percent of the U.S. population is uncomfortable with the idea of animal cloning for food and milk. The single biggest reason people give is 'religious and ethical'"
DonFundoshi: <Center for Food Safety> science shows that cloning presents serious food safety risks, animal welfare concerns

Google installing rooftop solar-power at Mountain View headquarters, generating up to 1.6 MW

DonFundoshi: "nearly a third of the electricity consumed by office workers at its roughly one-million-square-foot headquarters"

EU draft Television Without Frontiers directive may extend the definition of broadcasting

DonFundoshi: to include web video, perhaps even personal video blogs

2 Corinthians Chapter 12 Versus 16


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