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single sign-on module for drupal

coderman: this is a little tricky to get working, basically you need to add module, then go into admin mode and enable signlesignon module, and make sure the proper tables are shared.
coderman: and i'm not going to mention the database part, since you are essentially sharing parts of the drupal auth db

[14:49] <huslage> wtf it doesn't work coderman

coderman: "you're using 40 char session ids and drupal schema wants 32"
coderman: "alter table sessions alter column sid varying(64);" may do it
seti: or switching to phpBB may do it too
coderman: usually /etc/php.ini (or wherever php.ini) has setting 'session.entropy_length'. if this is longer than sid in database, all sorts of fucked ensues.


rovar: Now McDonald's is bad for your computer as well

Center for a Stateless Society

Review of index-card printers

Warning Signs

emusic.com is a SPAM WHORE

DonFundoshi: I didn't complete the registration process, but backed out when it asked for credit card. But now I'm on their mailing list. CUNTS.


Extra marks for leaving off the t


seti: I can't think of a good title for this page. It has everything - Mossad, 9/11, put options, French intelligence warnings on 9/10 regarding Mohammed Atta, "This article is hidden"
DonFundoshi: Prisoner, Cell Block H
Tonus: Of course we all remember Comverse as the maker of pretty much all wiretap equipment for the Dutch and US governments.


bk: Truly tasteles, but I still laughed.

a woman from inside out

Proof that wikipedia will always contain too much BS to be a reference work:

DonFundoshi: wikipedia contains too much bs now to be a reliable reference work
DonFundoshi: let the amount bs within wikipedia be X
DonFundoshi: let the amount of accurate information within wikipedia be Y
DonFundoshi: average rate of bs per unit knowledge is X/Y
DonFundoshi: from first point, we can deduce that average rate of cleaning up bs is less than rate at which new bs is added
DonFundoshi: remaining knowledge to be added to wikipedia is infinite
DonFundoshi: amount of bs scales to infinity in the limit as Y approaches infinity
DonFundoshi: even though Y is Y/X times greater than the amount of bs
DonFundoshi: moral: to author a reliable reference work, first define a finite amount of knowledge to be documented.
DonFundoshi: other moral: avoid the entry on Transfinite numbers


DonFundoshi: quote and summary: "Though he did not complete this implementation, a mockup of the system proved sufficient to inspire interest in others."

M.I.T. Digital Drawing Board

DonFundoshi: brings new meaning to the term 'magic marker'
DonFundoshi: so when was this? 1976?
DonFundoshi: maybe 1993
seti: Later, it's obviously Windows 95 or NT4 at the least
DonFundoshi: see also
DonFundoshi: potato: "users did not perceive the display projected onto the glass of milk because they did not expect it."
DonFundoshi: "Figure 2.17: Vannevar Bush imagined a device called the Memex" is this creeping Orwellianism? I remember reading about a device like it, but Bush's Grandaddy wasn't the originator of it ...
DonFundoshi: oh .. not related to Bush ..

Independent News From the MidEast

DonFundoshi: keywords: not embedded

Intel Macs - Still The Same ...

Switch to Linux

Ash: no
Ash: die instead
Geronimo: you will Ash, don't worry about it.

Kernel Module That Is Stealthy

cryptomail: pleungoh, that loading kernel is est job ... he will do that for u

Taking passwords to the grave

John's job was to convince Third World countries to accept enormous loans for infrastructure development--loans that were much larger than needed--and to guarantee that the development projects were contracted to U.S. corporations

Ash: potatos
DonFundoshi: ASH
DonFundoshi: "In 1980 Perkins founded ... an alternative energy company ... became an extremely successful firm in a high-risk business where most of his competitors failed."
DonFundoshi: John has some suggestions of things you can do to help make the world a nicer place.
DonFundoshi: "Imagine if [Brand X, Y or Z] logo became symbols of companies whose primary goals were to clothe and feed the world's poor in environ- mentally beneficial ways." I'm gonna puke.
DonFundoshi: <publican> I thought we were meant to put a paper bag over our heads or something ...? <ford prefect> yes, if you like <publican> will it help? <ford prefect> no.
DonFundoshi: see this film instead. You will help the world a ton more.
DonFundoshi: video interview
DonFundoshi: this may work if you don't see anything: mplayer -dumpstream 'rtsp://rxns-rbn-sea12.rbn.com/farm/*/demnow/demnow/demand/2004/nov/video/dnB20041109a.rm'

Pochhammer symbol

shave your balls!

coderman: the length of this discussion is almost disconcerting
Mutiny: SQUICK

Wick Fowler's Famous 2-Alarm Chili Kit

coderman: looks pretty pussy to me. mild and shit. like salsa made in new york city!
coderman: where's the stuff with "EXCESSIVE HABANERO" in it?

Go go post quantum reality!!!

coderman: how much could i get for the verisign root on ebay?
bk: $20 ?

Jim Bell Looking for a Job Out of Jail in 2009

DonFundoshi: "Bell's essay Assassination Politics was cited in the indictment as a means by which he sought to intimidate IRS agents"
DonFundoshi: umm according to this article re his sentencing
DonFundoshi: "In an April raid on the home Bell shared with his elderly parents, authorities found the home addresses of about 70 IRS employees, as well as three semiautomatic assault rifes, a handgun and potentially deadly chemicals." And now he wonders how he will find work?
DonFundoshi: oh shit, someone at my door .. bbiab

Friendster's Rise and Fall

Mutiny: Gay-ass registration required.
coderman: anonanon/anonanon
DonFundoshi: friendster?

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