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Myspace has now successfully replaced Western civilisation


rabbi: Mmm.
Mutiny: Any recipe with the ingredient "bourbon or maple syrup" is good.

Carefully choose your soy sauce as you would an olive oil or a fine wine.

DonFundoshi: "commercial soy sauces (even some labeled as shoyu or tamari) are usually made from soybeans that have been defatted with hexane, a petroleum derivative"
DonFundoshi: /me starts taking his own soy to use on shop-bought sushi

Excerpts: Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places

DonFundoshi: When I ate a dandelion, the entire Parks Enforcement Patrol converged on my group, and I was handcuffed and arrested
DonFundoshi: "Two weeks later, the city dropped the charges, and hired me as a naturalist, to lead tours teaching people to eat dandelions and other wild foods." hahahahaha!
DonFundoshi: "There are no poisonous look-alikes."


Zerodhero: BONAPARTE, Iowa Three high school girls and their parents were found dead Saturday morning at their home in eastern Iowa, and the couple's son was arrested in Illinois and considered a suspect, officials said.
Zerodhero: "The whole town knew the family," resident Marilyn Thomas said. "This is only a town of 465 people."
cryptomail: It can NEVER EVER HAPPEN HERE <doubleclick>mmmmmmmmmyes.....


DonFundoshi: how rigorous is that shit?

Hustled all the chump's I could find

DonFundoshi: album
DonFundoshi: "If it's a free trial, why do I have to provide a credit card?"




DonFundoshi: Democratic Republic of the Congo, pneumonic plague


DonFundoshi: interesting section in linked doc: "HOW BACTERIA COLONISE NEWBORN BABIES"
DonFundoshi: MRSA blog
DonFundoshi: liver tonic
DonFundoshi: "You may be doing fine until you decide to get in shape again"
DonFundoshi: "all of a sudden you start to tap into your highly toxic fat stores"
DonFundoshi: get some silychristin inta ya :)
DonFundoshi: more good info on dandy


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