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<pleung> what I will call, the drug turns u to hoe||pigeons have the permafunk. Watch their necks when they walk

Afghanistan frees dangerous terrorists captured on the battlefield by US four years ago

seti: At least, that will be the right-wing spin given to it. In reality, these people were almost randomly arrested and kept in captivity and tortured for four years before the US deigned to correct its mistakes.

Do You Feel Safer Now?

New mix



Buddy, water is your life, without it you will die

DonFundoshi: 20-foot machine can churn out 600 gallons of water a day without using or producing toxic materials @ 30 cents a gallon from air @ 14 percent humidity
DonFundoshi: "using natural salt to extract water and act as a natural decontamination"
DonFundoshi: "delicious"
DonFundoshi: they're keeping the details sekrit, which means it must be dead fucking easy
DonFundoshi: thankyou capitalism for solving all the world's ills .. then keeping the solution sekrit and using it for profit and political clout.


rabbi: asian organized crime has the best accurate

Honey doesn't suck

DonFundoshi: btw MRSA means multiple-resistant stapholococcus aurus, not what the article says, (methicillin resistant ...)
DonFundoshi: "Attempts in the lab to induce a bacterial resistance to honey have failed"

Kite Wind Generator could produce as much energy as a nuclear power plant.

DonFundoshi: "similar to those used for kite surfing"
DonFundoshi: generating electricity at 30 times less than the EU average cost
DonFundoshi: "The team expects it to be up and running in about two years."
DonFundoshi: "may soar above the former Trino Vercellese nuclear power plant, already a no-fly zone"
DonFundoshi: YAY!
DonFundoshi: "the flight of the entire kite array is guided, so as to turn the carousel at the desired speed."
DonFundoshi: birds do it, bees do it ...
DonFundoshi: balloons tethered at altitudes up to 15,000 feet exist now

little demand for cloned cats

DonFundoshi: "For every successful clone, dozens fail and die prematurely, have physical abnormalities, and face chronic pain and suffering," Pacelle said. "Cloning is at odds with basic animal welfare considerations."



Zerodhero: Weird Al Still kicks some serious funny bone

python humor

est: guido speedo
est: a different guido speedo
est: The mere thought of "Guido in a speedo" seems to drive half of our Interactive Underwear readers into a cyber-tizzy.

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