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the only channel worth accurate!

Lost city 'could rewrite history'

seti: (via jwz - Jan 2002)

Republican Gays are Closeted Dems

coderman: wow, that's quite a sophistry
coderman: how better to do damage control for your party, than to claim the offenders are actually members of the other? brilliant! i wonder if turd blossom thought up this strategy...

French MPs Crack Down on Speech

est: =""
coderman: THOUGHT CRIME--;
coderman: "I DON'T like what you say, and I will jail you for saying it"

Hold the lettuce

cryptomail: Pickles and herb plz

U.S. Cryptographers: 'FrpX-K5jE-Oc4n-e5Dn'

coderman: personally i think 31b6-4676-45e3-9205-eeb5 is more likely...

France sparks uproar with genocide bill

DonFundoshi: how much?
DonFundoshi: like, OMG 1600 Francs! Outrageous!
DonFundoshi: ?
est: they're working on making armenian genocide denial illegal

Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle smashed into a 42-story building on the Upper East Side yesterday, killing Mr. Lidle and his flight instructor

DonFundoshi: Cirrus SR20, a four-seat propeller plane
DonFundoshi: "Ilana, said she was at home when the plane blasted through the window and the apartment went up in flames."
DonFundoshi: ?The whole plane has a parachute on it .. you?re up in the air and something goes wrong, you pull that parachute, and the whole plane goes down slowly.?
DonFundoshi: "Aircraft Traveled a Corridor in the Sky Where Recreational Pilots Fear to Go"
DonFundoshi: "often filled with helicopters"

GigaBeam High-Speed Radio Link Encryption

coderman: mmmm, FSO == BONER
DonFundoshi: "Distribution of this memo is unlimited." YMMV
DonFundoshi: "(C) The Internet Society (2006)" who the fuck are they? i didn't havea hand in this .. did you?
anomie: Founded by Al Gore.

The Echo Boomers

est: "When you ask kids, 'What do you most hope to achieve there?' Where they used to say, 'I wanna be No. 1. I wanna be the best,' increasingly they're saying, 'I wanna be an effective member of the team. I wanna do everything that's required of me,'" says Howe.

STAY ON MESSAGE (Tom Tomorrow cartoon from 10/09)

legion: Fox News - Fair and Balanced

Dutch voting computer tempest attack

List of exorcists


Men in Skirts Wall Calendar

laney: Hello Mr. March
laney: My, that's a nice Drill Press

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