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<Hans> My fs will keep your data as safe as I keep my wife! || I love petunias, don't you?

Yet another untitled Fawn URL

est: some URLs are self-titling

King of the Wind by Henry, Marguerite

Google dark fiber not so dark

coderman: [Google] while the telco's like their DWDM long lines and SONET redundancy, we prefer a richer hypercube topology over fiber for interconnecting data centers and peering points with less latency, more resilience, and greater throughput.
seti: translated: Ethernet is cheap, and do redundancy at a higher layer
coderman: [Google] 10GigE and Petabytes were made to go together!
seti: "one peering point does not a telecommunications network make" - Google already connects at 2* 10GE at AMS-IX and several other Internet exchange points in Europe such as LINX and DE-CIX.

How are the sales of fine cigars affected by the present anti-smoking mood?

Geronimo: There's a general feeling that cigars aren't as unhealthy as cigarettes and I think that's probably true because of the way people smoke them, i.e. taking the occasional puff and not inhaling the smoke, and the infrequency in which they're smoking them. The average person smoking Havana cigars probably doesn't smoke more than 2-3 a week and if he doesn't smoke cigarettes then the amount of harmful substances he's taking into his lungs is
Geronimo: Cigars have tended to gain in such circumstances and particularly the bigger cigars because the smaller, miniature, mass-produced cigars are really substitute cigarettes. You don't usually get people standing around on corners chain-smoking large Havanas.


deviantART - Line Rider

Brazil official: U.S. pilots irresponsible

Geronimo: Brazil's defense minister said two American pilots were "irresponsible" in claiming they were at the correct altitude when their plane collided with a Gol airlines Boeing 737-800 and apparently caused it to crash, killing all 154 people.
DonFundoshi: est with moustachios?
DonFundoshi: (the picture is on the same page as the plane story .. sorry, no other link .. not my fault, i blame newsday ...
DonFundoshi: )
DonFundoshi: newsday
est: looks more like..DonFundoshi!


Husband arrested as suspect. Police say they have evidence that missing mother of two is dead.

Geronimo: "We believe that based on circumstantial evidence, as well as statements and other evidence, that Hans Reiser murdered Nina Reiser," Oakland Deputy Police Chief Howard Jordan said at a news conference.

Elephants raid village looking for missing elephant.

est: "Thousands of people in eastern India have fled their homes in fear as elephants crash through villages looking for one of their herd, which fell into a ditch and drowned over the weekend, officials said Tuesday."

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