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<cryptomail> the threat model is more complicated || <coderman> torrent==big brother watching and punishing

"craziest shit in the world"? probably not. but pretty damn crazy!

coderman: 'Smick smurgen with cut an. . . I DIE!'
coderman: damn lightweights. slandering the good name of my dear uncle.


Zerodhero: Some of those games might actually be kinda fun



Brian Posehn - "Metal By Numbers"


seti: "Sorry, there was a problem retrieving all the data for this content." fucking AOL

A post about QC

coderman: (para.) "that the gate model requires error correction in order to work at all, has led to a commonly repeated and very misleading QC dogma: '''QEC [quantum error correction] is a requirement for scalable quantum information processing (QIP)'''"
coderman: "While technically this is true, what the authors are implying is that active quantum error correction, which is a complex and ridiculous process that will probably never be used outside a research lab ever, is required for quantum computation. It isn't"
coderman: "In the TAQC model, quantum error correction occurs passively; nature itself shepherds the system towards better and better approximate answers. I would even go as far as to bet that no QC that requires active error correction will EVER perform a computation beyond the scope of conventional systems"

US deployed *shitloads* of nukes in Japan, despite Japan being supposedly 'non-nuclear'

DonFundoshi: the doc that the page discusses
DonFundoshi: and a bunch of other docs
DonFundoshi: map

Comparison of various Text to speech engines

pretender: Rhetorical Systems sounds the best to me
fridge: Latest examples from the makers of Rhetorical

Condom full of walnuts

'days before scientists can determine whether a blast picked up by seismographs was caused by a nuclear device or conventional explosives'

DonFundoshi: "Japan, meanwhile, dispatched three T-4 supersonic aircraft late Monday to waters between Japan and the Korean Peninsula to monitor radiation levels in the air"


KLASSP: Entering Passwords on a Spyware Infected Machine Using a Shared-Secret Proxy

laney: Microsoft to your rescue my VOIP spyware infected friends

Swiss BB contemplates using trojans to tap VOIP

DonFundoshi: I guess its an experiment to see how cooperative the antivirus companies are with BB

BB Becomes Proactively Reactive

DonFundoshi: $2.4 million grant

(Tim Sweeney)The Next Mainstream Programming Language: A Game Developer's Perspective

DonFundoshi: including screenshots
DonFundoshi: aka Programming is Hard! aka Why Haskell is Not My Favorite Programming Language

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