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<cryptomail> the threat model is more complicated

No Ordinary Counterfeit

coderman: "in the past, counterfeiting has been seen as an “act of war.”" -- most definitely. not many better ways to fuck with an enemies economy... :)

Genetic evidence for punctuated equilibrium

Canadian Thanksgiving. The special day of the year where we give thanks to the United States for giving us our independence.


Newsweek: Did the US provoke North Korea?

DonFundoshi: what, by stockpiling 20,000 nuclear warheads? that kind of 'provoke'?
seti: read the first two paragraphs
DonFundoshi: why? is it funny?
DonFundoshi: got to love the continuing lack of coherence between US cover and rest-of-world cover
DonFundoshi: I don't see anything in the wording of the agreement about a "great leap forward in the building of a great, prosperous, powerful socialist nation". No wonder they defaulted.
DonFundoshi: love the way the title of the piece totally belies the content. title: "North Korea: a nuclear threat". content: America is a two-timing, double-crossing bully. Almost like they were written by two different people. O_o
DonFundoshi: offsite anotatable cache because they will surely remove the article one day

License to Kim Jong Ill - recently updated!


Somehow this seems fitting

DonFundoshi: For great justice

Prepare the rofflecopter



Conspiracy Parties - A Great Way To Spread Information and Meet People Who Enjoy Thinking.

DonFundoshi: mmm vanilla. my favorite.
laney: Wine and Conspiracy Tasting For 9-11 (http://members.aol.com/painfulquestions/WineAndConspiracyTasting.pdf)

Eric Hufschmidt: I just discovered that my half-sister, Kathryn Hufschmid (we have the same father, but different mothers), is probably the same Kathryn Hufschmid who married Rupert Murdoch's son, James.

laney: "I pointed out that the Arabs were behaving like Lorena Bobbitt."
laney: "Not many people agreed with my Bobbitt analogy."
DonFundoshi: "I offered the book too soon, and now I was worried that I would look incompetent for announcing the book so early. I was embarrassed to have the Axis of Good catch me making such a dumb mistake."
DonFundoshi: summary: "My involvement in [developing theories about] 9-11 could be purely coincidental, but it could also be that somebody slipped information to me in order to torment the Murdochs."
DonFundoshi: "During the past year or two a lot of information came out about the Blair administration having sex with retarded children." wtf? anyone remember hearing about this?


Is that the same "test"

DonFundoshi: watch out for the giant bouncing balls!
DonFundoshi: note: last map shows current event (star) vs previous quakes (big bouncing balls)
DonFundoshi: and indicates that the event was within 35m of the surface .. so if its a bomb, perhaps a lot of the energy would have gone skyward, ie 4 richter may not be a measure of its full power
DonFundoshi: previous quakes were below 300m deep, it's not a normal old quake
DonFundoshi: or something .. maybe the star isn't really a proper plot of the data yet
DonFundoshi: damn i hate when you're in the middle of researching about the dangers of nuclear proliferaton, and then you get given a live demonstration.

He says she says nuclear test

DonFundoshi: watch this space
DonFundoshi: see also
DonFundoshi: SMH reader opinions
DonFundoshi: seismic verification reported by SK
DonFundoshi: North Korean News Agency releases in English aren't up to date .. most recent is 7 Oct .. seems like something this important would be on their site in English ... ?
DonFundoshi: all the stories seem to be reprinting material from AP. here is one AP article from their site.
DonFundoshi: and the purposrted text of the announcement by NK
DonFundoshi: porpoiserooted I meant
DonFundoshi: the phrase "great leap forward in the building of a great, prosperous, powerful socialist nation" appears in just about every NK press release ever made ...
DonFundoshi: worth noting that THE great leap forward, ie of China in the 60s, was a stupendous failure and religious adherence to the idea is what created the famine
DonFundoshi: o/` waiting for the great leap forward o/`
DonFundoshi: More than 128,000 nuclear warheads have been built since 1945, according to our calculations, and all but close to 3 percent were built by the United States (about 55 percent) and the Soviet Union/Russia (about 43 percent).

(rechump 2002) The war on P2P

DonFundoshi: "This [Magic Lantern] is a powerful tool and basically they have initiated a state-sponsored trojaning campaign with no judicial oversight. If you look at what's possible it's very scary. For instance, if there is no smoking gun, a rogue cop could plant a virtual one. It's possible to upload as well as download or browse the contents of a targeted user's machine. So if there are no kiddie porn pictures [on a computer] for instance,
DonFundoshi: they can be uploaded and the doors kicked in five minutes later. No traces either."
DonFundoshi: I've heard of this thing. Isn't it called 'Sony' nowadays?
DonFundoshi: "The last time hackers declared war against government, massive denial of service attacks were launched against the White House website, which had to close down for a day."
DonFundoshi: <white house> OH NOES


hunterp: not a mention of korea
DonFundoshi: yeah .. but that page includes 'news' from august

The irony of banning banned books


hunterp: live music and performance thing in santa fe

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