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<pleung> who is that? || <codeerman> <it is easy to be happy when you are a puppy...) <= ** Only true, if the puppy never be sexually exploited or violated by coderman **

This bears repeating.

seti: First chumped in 2003, Richard Dawkins (yes, that Dawkins) wrote years ago: "George Bush is a catastrophe for the world. And a dream for Bin Laden."
est: norvig expands on hiring presidents

I not give you accurate :D :D :D

Talking about volume ...


est: yes..we can't take the truth..or is it the volume?

Schumacher legend will be tainted by mistakes

Geronimo: Sir Stirling Moss, who won 16 grands prix, is in no doubt that it is wrong to class Schumacher alongside legends such as Juan Manuel Fangio, Ayrton Senna and Jim Clark. Moss dismisses claims of such status for the German, seven times the world champion, as “ridiculous”.
Geronimo: Schumacher’s misdemeanours on the race track have harmed his standing, Stewart believes. “I don’t think his record is as clean as it should be,” he said. “He won’t leave the sport with the reputation of a Fangio or the memory of a Clark because credibility and integrity is part and parcel of both those men.”
Geronimo: Martin Brundle, who drove in 158 races, finds Schumacher, once a team-mate, difficult to place in the pantheon of the sport. Of those he drove against, he rates Senna as the greatest.
Geronimo: “Senna was a very emotionally-driven guy,” Brundle said. “His energy was from the heart whereas Schumacher is more cerebrally driven. In terms of God-given skill, Senna was the best I’ve ever raced against.”

Schumacher will go down as best ever

Geronimo: Love him or hate him, he was the greatest driver in the history of the sport. In F-1, as in any other sport, comparisons among different eras are difficult. Juan Manuel Fangio's time in the 1950s was as different from today's as bike racing is from car racing. Ayrton Senna's career was cut short by his untimely death.

Hill: Schumacher not good for F1

Geronimo: In 1994 at the season-ending Australian Grand Prix, Schumacher led Hill by one point in the championship chase. On lap 35, the German turned his Benetton into Hill's Williams, knocking both out of the race and giving Schumacher the title.
Geronimo: "I don't think it's a question of forgiving," he tells BBC Radio. "It was disappointing that I didn't win but, to be fair, it was a closely-fought championship and a bit of an unusual one and a sad one because we lost Ayrton Senna. So quite honestly I was glad to see the back of it."

Brazil Air Force Cites Faults and Confusion in Fatal Crash

Brazil Plane Crash Probe Near Completion

US pilots deny wrongdoing led to Brazilian plane crash


hunterp: userland tools for inotify all ready to go

Computer System Under Attack - Commerce Department Targeted; Hackers Traced to China

coderman: "Hackers operating through Chinese Internet servers have launched a debilitating attack on the computer system of a sensitive Commerce Department bureau, forcing it to replace hundreds of workstations and block employees from regular use of the Internet for more than a month..."
est: want to talk about "trade war'" now??
coderman: "It has become clear that Internet access in itself is a vulnerability that we cannot mitigate. We have tried incremental steps and they have proven insufficient."

Millions flock to MyQaeda website

coderman: "Anyone who is anyone in the Al-Qaeda network now has a page on the site. MyQaeda allows users to build their own homepage for free, where they can list everything from their favourite chemicals to posting lengthy treatise on how the Jihad is going, and meet similar users with the same interests and targets."
coderman: "MyQaeda is free and uncensored, but there are some limitations to what users can do. ‘For instance…’ says Rashad, ‘We always have people coming to the site seeing if they can download pictures of the prophet Mohammed, I mean, like, duh.’"

Salt Lake Altiplano Argentina

Calafate - Patagonia - Argentina

Argentina Brazil Iguasu falls

Perito Moreno

Buenos Aires

laney: Buenas Aries, Brazil

Salinas Grande in Argentina

Lake Nahuel Huapi in Argentina

Hottie Nerdcore!

The Steam Tunnels


So cute, want to touch the hieny....

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