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Warehousing Consumers' Online Travels To Catch Child Predators and Terrorists: Privacy Implications?

coderman: i love that question at the end. like "this effectively kills privacy. is that really what we're proposing here?"


Friday night! Caution, Canadians getting crazzy!

Mercurial a fast, lightweight Source Control Management system designed for efficient handling of very large distributed projects

coderman: i've been putting off a decision about scm as long as possible; i'm pretty sure i'm going to pick this unless you ($channel) suggest a convincing alternative...
coderman: see also the MqExtension for a quilt like versioning method where quilt == The basic idea behind quilt is to maintain patches instead of maintaining source files
coderman: and Bisect for assisted bug / conflict discovery and testing.

SIM City, only FU REALZ

How a sexual predator suddenly changed from (R) to (D) in some news media outlets after he resigned in disgrace

seti: That Google News query shows some false positives but a pox on the Long Island Press and San Jose Mercury News.
cryptomail: mercury news currently showing R however
seti: time for Google News to re-scrape those sites, then
seti: (funny how rats always scurry away when a bright light is shone upon them)
cryptomail: And LI Press whoopsie oh four

Sexual Consent

Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva


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