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Power Suit

Mutiny: They say its developed to help lift heavy objects and hospital patients... but we all know it's being developed because the Japanese take anime way too seriously.
est_: it is sex aid
coderman: sex aid ala space truckers?


Concerns about privacy by the EU trump peeping Tom-interests of the US: no agreement on airliner data sharing before deadline

Oliver: See also http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/5396018.stm
seti: I say we kick the UK out of the EU... they're obviously with the terrorists instead of with us

The Taliban offered Bush to hand over bin Laden to the Saudis; he ignored their offer.

seti: Too bad it's on NBC so nobody will take notice. (via)
seti: See also Two months before 9/11, an urgent warning to Rice from Tenet

Two Months Before 9/11, an Urgent Warning to Rice


hunterp: funny noises and funny behaviours
hunterp: GOLD!

$1999 for an MP3 player

Flickr - Sous la Mer slideshow (NSFW)

seti: beautiful underwater photography

I can't decide whether this is satire or not. Please let it be satire.

DonFundoshi: It's satire: "We have elections coming up". See?
seti: Whew. That got me scared for a moment there.
DonFundoshi: "The sight of dead American bodies does for Democrats like the sight of naked 12 year old boys does for, well, Democrats." I guess this was written about 7 days before the Foley scandal surfaced, then.

Hiztory bizautch! w/ da e spank

Rep. Foley is a punk ass bitch, discovers fellow Federal Prison inmates.

cryptomail: That is SO puerile! snicker

Laws restrict freedom of speech in America

I's big tits


laney: There goes #9 again. 8o(

Loop quantum gravity (Category: Brain Teasers)

Future NASA chic

laney: Gentlemen, you have until June 9, 2007.
Mutiny: FURRY
laney: She just wants to drive the train
coderman: shit mang, i _can't_ beat "THE BEST MAN EVAR"
Mutiny: "buy american" "support alternative fuels?"
Mutiny: sounds like a fuckin' loser.

The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe

DonFundoshi: Review of a book by UK maths guy, Roger Penrose

Family Planning Advice

laney: I'm laughing so hard, it's difficult to chump

smaller, more efficient linear accelerators

Frankly, the japanese robot wine steward scares us.


cryptomail: The original is here: https://www.cheyennemountain.af.mil/Cool-Pics/nuggets-dancers/dancers-2.jpg

Stirling powered military submarine from Sweden

DonFundoshi: stirling cycle animation and explanation
DonFundoshi: other stirling
DonFundoshi: other-other stirling
DonFundoshi: and so on
DonFundoshi: mmm hardcore
DonFundoshi: books

HONK HONK *Hiccup*

Nice curves! 30% carbon fibre => 30dB shielding, 40% => 40dB, 50% = 50dB

DonFundoshi: graphite/steel fibre paste gives 34dB at 0.2mm
DonFundoshi: second link gives detailed recipes
DonFundoshi: first article mentions addition of 15% nickel increases shield to 90dB
DonFundoshi: perforated metal shielding: perforation patterns/materials compared
DonFundoshi: 40 dB corresponds to 99.000% attenuation, 90 dB =~ 99.997%
DonFundoshi: "The largest single source of leakage is along contact surfaces between two parts."

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