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a classical untaint operation like: $str=$1 if $str=~/^(.*)\z/ no longer works

also: fix: local($1)


Infernoptix's display screen. Needs supply of gas, and PC to tell it what to do.

rik: Watch the videos!

0-1 Days 0-1 Hours 0-49 Minutes 0-26 Seconds

coderman: lolz, someone is on vacation...
also: is that 0-$200,000 someone has 0-won?
coderman: yes, after taxes you owe the government a quarter million dollars
also: tis OK, i got a govt military grant to pay for the research .. :D


What does dividing a Perl integer by a Python integer mean?

also: the mouseover heading #labels are nice
also: h3[id:hover:after { content: " #" attr(id); ] ...
also: uses css3 features like border-radius too .. are these implemented in any browser yet?
also: oh. i see. that's the rounding in my browser. kinda ugly pixelised curves :(

Rechump because it's good. Top 10 Sings of THE Impending US Police State

also: songs.
also: signs.
also: sighs.
laney: Le Sigh
also: nice tin pot dicktater ya got there, 'merica.

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