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The truth is your shield ; if i had plans they were made by an incorrect life i no longer maintain

Credit card scammers sign up as spammers affiliates, then use the spammers credit cards to buy shit.

rik: Ripping of spammers considered FUCKING HILARIOUS.

Slap your macbook silly

huslage: SmackBook

Media Needle Theater Presents.... NO SUCH AGENCY

this made my head explode

TMBG ringtone "Connected to the NSA"


words of wisdom

coderman: "There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order." - Ed Howdershelt

THE DEATH OF POLICY (or why Curious George is such a total fucking dumb shit asshole)

also: WARNING: for effete liberal wonks
stuckinsf: Oh comeon
stuckinsf: The truth hurts :)


fridge: Batton down the hatches yaaarrr

How to not get fucked up the arse by Apache seven different ways till tea time

also: part1
also: parts 2 -> infinity seem to be missing from the document
also: oh. I seem to have found part2 here

> I was wondering, is it possible to set the tab size (in pix/em/spaces or

also: > whatever) in a <pre> block ?
also: or you can fuck around like this



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