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<Fawn> get your cock out of that care bear

Behold the future: much like the past...

coderman: "All this fragmentation yielded the mediaeval world's complex structure: highly localised economies; social systems founded on plural identities; and a political system composed of multiple and overlapping authorities, each drawing on an autonomous resource base."

Microsoft Employees May Lose Admin Rights

coderman: hey, is Ash behind this?!?
Zerodhero: Something great to announce to the world!
seti: "We are not smarter than any other enterprise in terms of knowing how to address security. We are in the same boat as everyone else," he added. No kidding... the same boat as they all use Microsoft software. guess what's easy to change in that equation!

Joe Kittinger is one awesome motherfucker

uid0: What is the terminal velocity of giant brass balls like on this guy?
uid0: this crazy son of a bitch continued climbing even though the pressure suit was busted on his right glove (he could have lost use of his hand permanently)
uid0: http://youtube.com/watch?v=P_9QHBMJdrI

U.S. gas prices legitimate, study says

(NatGeog) Mystery Robot Solves Crimes, Finds Mines in Chile

pretender: "nuclear signal"


also: how to specify it in www
also: in html4.01 .. for xhtml 1.0 see here instead
also: and how to make people submit UTF-8 to your server
also: how to escape utf-8 in 8-bit clean ascii html
also: without losing your ascii upper char set ... if you are insane and actually think that's useful to keep
also: or just plunk the UTF-8 bytes in raw, if you don't mind losing latin1


YouTube - crazy dog

Walmart, NO

cryptomail: Good luck hercules
cryptomail: You're going to need it

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