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<Ash > bickity bam


also: :o


coderman: LOLZ, ROFFLE, etc, etc.

CSS pages and browser compatibility table


also: not quite the ideal of semantic markup but very pretty\
also: fails test number1 when designing web page: what happens if you turn off images
also: some of the demos do anyway
also: most

Atlas Tracking Pixel



also: for pleung
also: "WebTV will convert a .gif image to .jpg, if, necessary to reduce file size."
also: "WebTV specific attributes have been developed ..."
also: this says it all.
also: meet the new MSIE
also: putting the FUD back your web app

CSS rounded corner tricks

also: this is neat, but does not make me feel secsssy
also: I wanna feel secssy
also: hmm i prefer not using image hacks but it's still not getting me steamed up
also: second version uses javascript to avoid using image hacks. :\
also: has no antialiasing, but saves 20k or so
also: What I am looking for is not graceful degredation, so much as sexxxy degredation
also: i don't want people to notice the content.
also: i don't feel like rounded corners is the whole solution.
also: this seems pretty simple
also: or there is the correct way
also: isn't this shit meant to cascade? why do i need to specify extra stuff in my html? doesn't that all go in the css? oh .. broken browsers
also: oooh
also: the one-image version .. :D
also: warning: contains the word 'svelt'
also: these all universally suck. gimme back my semantic markup!

Chickens choked abroad to come back

also: "The Department of Agriculture last month certified China as eligible to export processed chicken meat to the United States -- but with one caveat. The chicken has to be American."
also: in fact it has to be typically american.

10.2 Content-width: the 'width' of poetry

also: alternatively, "the width of poverty".


Zerodhero: prolly fake, but looks cool as hell



also: just .. don't use px size for positioning.

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