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Please use correct spelling in channel to ensure that Narus deep packet inspection is properly matching your conversations


Men mated with chimps for 1m years

coderman: "i swear officer, i thought that chimp was 19"

Exclusive: Teen Haven MySpace A Platform For Pornstar Promotion

coderman: holy shit, pr0n on teh intarweb?!?! OH NOES


coderman: Sprint is next to be sued. I was wondering when they'd get attention



Zerodhero: AT&T Whistle-Blower's Evidence

Give up your keys or else

zacharia: "needed to combat an increased use of encryption by criminals, paedophiles, and terrorists". <home office pr> that's about everyone... ;)

Free VoIP phone at burning man

nym`: About 65 calls were to 800 numbers. Some were real (airlines etc.) but may were people not clear on the free phone concept, trying to use calling cards. I am not sure if they did well with this -- during the day touch-tones were not getting through very well, but it was also a waste of their money. A few folks called 411 for information -- I am not sure if that even worked. Some called the operator -- I know this didn't work.

Technomadic Trailer

Seamless pictures

fridge: What about the seams at the edges?
seti: they're not edgeless seams
also: inspiration?
also: patrick woodroffe
also: M.C.Escher
also: and of course the classic surrealists


bk: First woman killed in combat role in Canadian Forces

W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Get fucked if you disagree with my layout ideas

also: btw my browser agrees with me, and you are overpaid.

I've moved on to web 3.0

To prevent the influx of illicit drugs & alcohol into indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, the Federal Government has assigned one sniffer dog. That's one dog per 1,420,968 kmē

seti: sounds about right

The Internet says funny


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