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Salon - I invaded the White House press corps

seti: insider journalism, good quotes on the former press secretary Scott McClellan
seti: "Scott McClellan is the Undertaker of Information. With the gentle sterility of a mortician, McClellan puts a dark suit on every day and tells us, in a soothing voice, how comfortable our beloved information will be now that it is dead and resting in an attractive coffin. The press -- outraged family members of the strangled Truth -- wail, "But Scott, it wasn't dead before you guys got your hands on it!" And the Undertaker, unruffled, sympathetic and
seti: politely informs you that it is part of an ongoing investigation, and he believes he has already told you what the president's comments were on that."

Instant death



simmo: Whoever said online shopping was a failure?
fridge: The global brick & mortar retailer conspiracy

Jim Beam Inflatable Bar

Why vegetarians should be force fed with lard.

simmo: "intended to annoy"
simmo: the censored article
simmo: DO NOT CLIK!~!!
simmo: the worst thing about this essay is that he does the usual thing of making evolution sound like it is an active process propogated with intent by the entities which are undergoing it
simmo: rather than emphasising the absolute passivity, randomness, and lack of prescience that is part of its definition
simmo: "cabbages have evolved to be poisonous" scary scary. nasty cabbage.
Rovar: lamarkian darwinian
simmo: that was a beautiful lamark
simmo: somewhat skeptical over the 1,000-mussels-per-person calculation. s/20,000/2,000/

More UK anti-hacking laws

Compare social bookmark sites (like you'd want to)

simmo: pdf

<rechump> NSA phone call database largest database ever, to track every phone call made in USA EVER

simmo: US public (in telephone poll) "Frankly my dears, we don't give a damn."
simmo: In other news, only 13% of USA 20-year-olds can find Iraq on a map.
simmo: Has an entire country ever been entered in the Darwin Awards yet?
Ash: yeah it's called canada

Poll: Clinton more honest

simmo: Both "not real honest" according to survey participants
simmo: in another poll, 99% of those surveyed ask "why do we keep voting them in?"
simmo: Butch's popularity < 30%

Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue To Lose Cody's Books

simmo: No books for YOU.

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