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R.I.P. S.G.I. ; <pleung> hey I sold my sole to the devil


Zerodhero: Funniest intro for a razor ever
Zerodhero: The rest is also amusing too
uid0: Zerodhero likes to "shave everywhere" iykwim
pleung: Nevee too much shaving
uid0: pleung is into the 10-year-old look
bk: Your wife looks better with a nice clean Roman Helmet

why your browser sucks and probably will continue to suck

AES Lounge

NSA Listening Post in Lynn, MA

Oliber: Mmmm, 500 error

Cyclic universe could explain cosmic balancing act - Big bounces may make the Universe able to support stars and life.

est: well, duh!
coderman: moral of this story: don't eat acid while doing physics :)
coderman: "The cyclic universe gets around this problem, say Steinhardt and Turok. With cycles of growth and collapse taking a trillion years or so, and no limit to how many such cycles have preceded ours, there is plenty of time for the vacuum energy to have decayed almost to zero. And each cycle would concentrate matter during the collapse phase, making sure that the Universe doesn't end up empty."
coderman: "Steinhardt and Turok say that their idea is testable. The cyclic model predicts that the Big Bang induces gravity waves in space, which physicists are now hunting for. And the decay of the vacuum energy predicts new types of fundamental particles called axions, which may also be detectable." - that would rule


codere: (the answer to the question is: 9/11 == america as battlefield. TIA == reasonable in a war zone. all the TLA's live happily ever after... then end.)
rovar: He could double his reader base simply by opting not to have fluorescent blue as a background and melting the retinas of his viewers.
codere: "Inherent foreign intelligence value is one of the metrics we must use... The standard of what was relevant and valuable, and therefore, what was reasonable, would understandably change, I think, as smoke billowed from two American cities and a Pennsylvania farm field."
codere: you thunk wrong, dumbass

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