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FREE AS IN CRAP||The Internet is obscene || The Internet is obscene, not just the people

Charlie's Angels (short story by Terry Bisson)

Labour losing its grip on uk

tanheusa: With 94 of 176 local council results declared, Labour lost control 96 seats while the Conservative opposition gained 103 and the Liberal Democrats 7 seats, the British Broadcasting Corp. said. Labour lost control of seven councils.
tanheusa: After all councils reported in, Labour lost >300 seats.
tanheusa: Charles Clarke was sacked as Home Secretary and Jack Straw removed from the Foreign Office today as Tony Blair reacted to a drubbing from the voters with a radical Cabinet reshuffle clearly designed to reassert his authority as Prime Minister.
tanheusa: Also, Geoff Hoon demoted. From Defence => Europe.


seti: Website is about as responsive as freenode.net's.

Audi - Escher Road commercial

blue sofa


SonyŽ Reader


movie: Gallipoli

jquigley: great flick, check it out if you've a chance
fridge: Synopsis: Mel Gibson's best buddy gets shot in the face.

Infant boys who were exposed in the womb to modest concentrations of certain common plasticizers and solvents developed genital changes including smaller-than-normal penises, [a study from June 2005] finds.

Ash: ugh this is super depressing. fucking chemicals
seti: or non-fucking chemicals, as the case may be
simmo: Ash? Were you exposed?

One Big Bang, or were there many?

They are made out of meat.

seti: made out of meat
fridge: I've also probed them.
fridge: Specific, nubile, instances of them.
simmo: "Oh, yes. Except they do it with meat."

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