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FREE AS IN CRAP||The Internet is obscene

Alien Baby

Troll le monde


Genuine Apple beige box

I think this is some phishing site


USB => parallel port adapter (printer only?)

simmo: other
simmo: db25
simmo: Please note that this adapter only works for printers and not other devices
simmo: still no good
simmo: maybe
simmo: PCI
simmo: PCI-e a bit pricy
tanheusa: Why does such a thing exist?

Cannot believe the word is delectation and not delecitation.

simmo: delectitation.
simmo: i meant.
simmo: curse you chump ruining my joke

The Coup - We Are The Ones .mp3

simmo: The Coup
simmo: the record label
tanheusa: "The Coup" most famous for "5 million ways to kill a CEO"
simmo: cf Plan A by the Dandy Warholes
simmo: back2back


Mutiny: tits so fake they look like they were glued on.
kp^: Fake titiies? So... :)

What Would Jesus Do?

Mutiny: What woman wouldn't want Jesus between her legs? I hear he's hung like THIS (arms outstreched)

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