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Back of the envelope calculation

fridge: "Now in 1932 the M1 money supply was $20 billion. The American population in 1932 was 125 million and now it is 270 million. This provides a factor of 270/125 = 2.16. If the old M1 was good enough for Americans in 1932, then perhaps it would be good enough for Americans of today. There are more of us, so I?ll multiply 20 x 2.16 = $43.2 billion."
fridge: "Next, the amount of M1 today is $1,372 billion. M1 has risen by a factor of 1,372/43.2 = 31.76. I?ve taken into account the population growth."
fridge: "Finally, what gold price suffices to monetize this amount of M1? Compute 31.76 x $20.67 = $656."

some very old info on Next/OpenStep

Ash: no kidding


Impatient introduction to Perl

simmo: also available as pdf

Mexico to decriminalize pot, cocaine and heroin

Ash: matthew^ announces plans to move to Mexico City
Ash: also legalizes LSD, mushrooms, amphetamines and peyote

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